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Pimp Your Veg part 5: vegetable patties/fritters/tikkis/burgers/cakes…

 Making vegetable patties or fritters, or any of the other names in the title, is a great addition to your kitchen repertoire..

a great way of using up raw or cooked vegetables, 

adding flavour with herbs and spices, 

frying or oven baking, 

perfect eaten hot or cold,

creating these wonderful burger shaped goodies is a simple and quick way add more vegetables to your plate…

or for making your own healthy snacks..try one of these mid afternoon instead of something carb or sugar based and boost your energy 🙂 

If you read through just a handful of recipes, of which I have a list of suggestions below, you will see that there is a definite regimen for making patties etc: 

If you are using cooked vegetables, mash them a bit

If you are using raw vegetables, squeeze out as much liquid as possible

Add some flour/grains and an egg for binding OR use cooked beans or pulses to bring the mixture together 

Throw in some cheese for added flavour and texture

Maybe add some chopped nuts or seeds for a crunch and some added protein and goodness 

And always remember to add your choice of herbs/spices and seasoning 

They can all be fried or oven baked – I always prefer oven baking 

I have made a couple of Selma’s fritters recipes recently, sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters (image at the top of this post) Selma’s romanesco, feta and za’atar cakes (above), and I am sharing with you a selection of some wonderful recipes from my fellow bloggers; I encourage you to have a good look through the list – and feel free to add more links in the comments – then take a look in your fridge and see what needs using up..that’s what I did when I made these sweet potato cakes..remember these babies my fellow bloggers?? 

I hope you’re feeling inspired 🙂 

Why not give some of these a go? 

Courgette fritters from Krystina at Kouzounas Kitchen 

Pan-fried creole cauliflower fritters and Spicy Aloo Ricotta (crumbled paneer) Tikki Sliders from Kellies Food to Glow 

Spicy ricotta crumbled tikki sliders and aloo bread potato cutlets from Sonal at Simply Vegetarian 777

Carrot broccoli fritters and broccoli fritters from Cooking with SJ 

Beetroot carrot spicy fritters from Divalicious Recipes 

Sweet potato burgers from Marisa at Miss Marzipan 

Courgette quinoa burger from Susan at Watch Hatch Fly 

Potato patties from Linda at La Petit Paniere  

So, what will you put together? Have fun concocting your own versions 🙂 

Selma’s sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters…

I have drooled over endless posts and recipes and photos of all sorts of vegetable based patties and fritters, and I’ve even bookmarked most of them, but never actually made any; I’ve always feared that they look so good and are so wonderfully edible that if I made a batch I would just eat the whole lot in one go! But after recent events and the loss of our lovely Selma, I decided that now was the time: I’ve coveted her recipe for sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters ever since she posted it, so this week, I decided to finally make them. 


They are so good!!! I highly recommend giving them a go!!  (Photographed with a vintage knife that I bought the last time Selma and I were together) 


I made just one amendment as I didn’t have any paneer: I used a hard goats cheese instead and it worked perfectly. 


I enjoyed them over a couple of days (yes, I managed not to eat the whole lot in one go!), with my parsley and hemp seed dressing on one day.. 


…and with a dip I threw together of edamame bean, spinach, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil the next…


You’ve got to give them a try!  

I have already written about the lovely lady that Selma was in previous posts, and I am now working through all of her great recipes that I’ve bookmarked over the last couple of years. Her loss remains so sad and such a shock, but we can keep her alive through our blogs and her wonderful recipes, join us in celebrating this lovely lady…


I am sharing these on the Fiesta Friday Tribute to Selma which remains open for anyone that would like to share a post inspired by our wonderful blog friend. Check out her wonderful blog and see what you fancy cooking 😉 

To learn more about Selma in her words, read the piece she wrote for my ‘Why we blog’ series last year x