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For the love of cauliflower…


You may well be completely fed up with all of the cauliflower recipes out there at the moment, or you may be loving all of  the inspiration, or the wonders of cauliflower may be a new thing to you?? Either way, this post is not me jumping on the band wagon, my cauliflower experiments started long before the current food world cauli explosion, no, I decided to put this post together as I eat cauliflower almost daily and I thought I would share some inspiration, photos and past recipes all in one place. Call it maybe a one stop cauliflower recipe shop!! (Not that I’ve exhausted the subject yet or anything!!) 


Gone are the days of cauliflower merely being the over boiled roast dinner side dish of days gone by, cauliflower has become a king in the vegetarian and vegan world due to its flexibility whilst being healthy and fresh, and of course, low calorie. I was watching a food show the other night and a top chef had ‘created’ a cauliflower dish and I was literally shouting at the screen ‘that’s not new!!! Some of us, lots of us, have been doing that with cauliflower for years!!!’ (Obviously, Bob wasn’t impressed about being disturbed from his evening slumber, but it I couldn’t help myself.) I very rarely hear or see a chef presenting a ‘new’ vegetable dish nowadays, I usually have a feeling of seen/heard it all before, and that’s due to the amazing inspiration in blog world, as well as my own experiments. So many home cooks are doing amazing things in their kitchens, but of course, they are not out there being lauded and marketed, it’s not until a well known chef latches onto the idea that suddenly it’s applauded as an amazing new find! 

Anyway, my aim was not to bemoan chefs, but to provide cauli-inspiration: flavour, colour, health and happiness all in one dish 🙂 

It’s lovely just roasted…and it doesn’t have to be drenched in oil, I find just using a spray oil is enough to create lovely crunchy florets. You can roast it just like that, or add some spices and stir them through before roasting it. Roast it at around 200C, give it the odd shuffle around as it roasts, and take it out when it looks like this.. can marinate it to take on flavours…as I regularly do…like this or this, my cauliflower nirvana..


..use it in place of flour to make doughs for pizza make crackers.. 


..or ‘rice‘… a curryor like this one


..for lunch any day of the week, drizzled with tahini sauce, cooked with harissa, dotted with black garlic, or homous…


..pan cooked with leftover tomato sauces and topped with eggs.. 


..or just in a lovely complete dish, as a main or side dish… 


And of course, you can eat any leftovers cold, or throw them in a blender with tahini and lemon juice and make an interesting dip. The possibilities are endless, in all cuisines, and there’s lots and lots more inspiration out there if you look, this is merely a glimpse, there’s more in my recipe index and even more on my Instagram feed. 

I hope you like my offerings and feel the cauliflower love 🙂 

I am bringing my array of dishes along to this week’s Fiesta Friday and hope that everyone gets a taste of all the options! This weeks party is being hosted by the lovely Angie along with co hosts Julianna and Hilda – come along and join the fun xx

Sourdough crackers and breadsticks

Last week I made another sourdough starter, this time following the method in Paul Hollywood’s ‘Bake’ book, which uses flour, water and grated apple. I can tell you now, it grows and grows, it’s a sight to behold! The recipe states that the apple should be organic – mine was not organic I’m afraid, but the recipe still worked very well. 
I get so excited watching starters develop their first bubbles and then grow and grow, gaining even more bubbles and volume. There was no stopping this one, Bodicea III, she almost grew before our eyes. 

During the development, you are required to throw half of the starter away before feeding her and leaving her to further develop; I just couldn’t cope with throwing any away, this was the baby I had nurtured! So I looked for ways to use up lots of starter, I’ve already made three different sourdough pancake recipes so decided to try something different. 

As fate would have it, on the day I needed it, the Kitchen Witch posted this recipe for seeded crackers – perfect! She used a rye flour starter and rye flour in the recipe – my starter is not rye based and I did not have any rye flour so I used strong white flour and my white flour starter and it still worked beautifully. I also didn’t have any poppy seeds, so I used black sesame seeds instead. 

They are so tasty! TOO tasty to be honest!! Whilst baking them, my neighbour knocked on the door to ask if I was baking…she reckoned she could smell it through the wall!! And yes, she tried one and gave them a thumbs up 🙂

I also decided to try making some breadsticks as Ben loves them and found this recipe which worked well. 

Aren’t they fab? I was so proud!!! I made breadsticks! (I know, I’m easily pleased…!) I kept bouncing around the kitchen in glee – just call me Tigger!! 

I hope you are all having a good week so far, see you tomorrow for this week’s ‘What would you feed me?’ post from another special blogger…xx

Nuts and seeds crackers…

IMG_0058You my recall these crackers previously on my blog…well, yesterday one of my lovely blog friends shared a post about making them herself with such lovely words that I urge you to pop across to read it for yourself…go on…go now…have a read…Frugal Hausfrau’s nut and seed crackers

I hope you like it xx

Healthy, fabulous apple and nut biscuits/bars…

IMG_2058.JPGThis was one of my experiments this week, following the process I’ve used when I’ve made my previous cracker recipes but this time adding fruit.

IMG_2054.JPGAnd it’s worked very nicely 🙂

This creates gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, biscuits/crackers/bars – call them what you like! Just know, they’re mega healthy!!!

I used..

Ground almonds
Chia seeds
Grated apples
2 eggs

Optional: consider adding cinnamon or apple pie/pumpkin pie spice mixes


I milled the nuts but not completely to dust so that there was still some crunch; grated 4-5 apples and added them to the nuts, then mixed in chia seeds and eggs and mixed it all up together.

I then spread the mixture onto baking paper..

I baked it at 140C for an hour, taking it out halfway through to cut lines into the dough with a pizza cutter, then after the hour placed the cut out biscuits directly onto rack and baked for another 20-30 mins, then turned off the oven, propped open the door and left the tray in the oven as it cooled to remove moisture.

IMG_4136.JPGThey won’t stay crispy as the apple content will soften them, but they’re still fab even without being crispy and in fact, having left them in a tin overnight, the flavour has grown and they remind me very much of cereal bars you can buy, except that these are better, as they are, of course, homemade and full of only good stuff!!!! No preservatives or nasty ingredients here thank you! You could even cut them into bar shapes and fool the kids I reckon 🙂

And you can always crisp them up in a low oven for 10-15 minutes if you want to 🙂

Lovely on their own, an ideal snack, packed full of protein, so a good energy booster mid afternoon, or ideal before or after exercise, or lovely with a bit of cheese – I topped some with a mild soft goats cheese and it was, you guessed it, LOVELY!!


Crackers about crackers..super healthy fab crackers..

IMG_3452.PNGI’ve definitely been enjoying getting back into the kitchen this week, making some old favourites and inventing some new ones!!

Including, some super fab crackers, made only of nuts and seeds, eggs and spices. You know me, my recipes are often a bit haphazard as I throw things together but if you like this idea, check out Kellie’s post about her crackers for a comprehensive guide.

Basically, this is a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, protein packed recipe for super healthy crackers. I just chopped up nuts and seeds in a blender, mixed with an egg, a spice mix and a touch of water, and baked..


Nutty, crunchy, tasty, perfect crackers 🙂

More fabulous healthy crackers…

IMG_6869.JPGI’ve been at it again today….making gluten free, healthy, protein packed crackers. These are a mix of cauliflowers, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spices and an egg.

IMG_3435.JPGI milled the cauliflower and the nuts and seeds before mixing everything together and pressing it out into silicone baking paper. I baked it in the oven at 150C for an hour, then used a pizza slice to cut it into squares and placed it all back in the oven as it cooled down.

After a while I eased the squares off the paper and placed them onto a rack in the still cooling oven to continue to dry out and crisp up.



Carrot cashew tortilla chips…

IMG_3332.JPGAfter the success of last week’s cauliflower and cashew nut pizza base I decided to start playing around with similar ideas to see if I could create ‘tortilla’ chips of sorts along the same lines…

I started off using the same idea and milled cashew nuts and cauliflower and brought them together as a dough. I then split it in half and added a taco/fajita spice mix I had made to one half of the dough, and a creole spice mix I’d made to the other half to try out how they would be with the different flavours, then pressed the dough into thin circles on baking parchment and cooked it until they started to brown.

I then removed then from the oven and cut slices into the rounds whilst they were warm, then out them back into the cooking oven to dry out further. Once it had cooled completely, I peeled the chips off the paper and laid them out on racks to harden.

They worked really nicely, some even strong enough to hold dips. And at one point, Ben grabbed one as he ran through the kitchen and ate it and gave it a thumbs up…and no, I didn’t tell him what was in it, just cheered internally!!




IMG_3342.JPGWith a dip I’d made of beetroots, tahini sauce and cashews 😉

I followed this up today by trying the same idea with carrots: I milled carrots and cashews and created a dough. Then added cumin and smoked paprika and baked it at 140-150C for 20-25 mins, keeping an eye on it.

IMG_3358.JPGI then sliced the rounds and put them and the baking paper onto a rack on top of the baking tray and put it all back in the oven as it cooled to dry them out further, then laid them out to cool and harden..

IMG_3331.JPGThese were so tasty, the mix of the ingredients works so well, I will definitely be making them again!


IMG_3334.JPGIsn’t it cool that you can create from just a couple of ingredients??

I’ll definitely be experimenting with these ideas further, so watch this space!!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m taking my new chips to this week’s Fiesta Friday to kick start my weekend with the best blog party around! See you there xx