For the love of cauliflower…


You may well be completely fed up with all of the cauliflower recipes out there at the moment, or you may be loving all of  the inspiration, or the wonders of cauliflower may be a new thing to you?? Either way, this post is not me jumping on the band wagon, my cauliflower experiments started long before the current food world cauli explosion, no, I decided to put this post together as I eat cauliflower almost daily and I thought I would share some inspiration, photos and past recipes all in one place. Call it maybe a one stop cauliflower recipe shop!! (Not that I’ve exhausted the subject yet or anything!!) 


Gone are the days of cauliflower merely being the over boiled roast dinner side dish of days gone by, cauliflower has become a king in the vegetarian and vegan world due to its flexibility whilst being healthy and fresh, and of course, low calorie. I was watching a food show the other night and a top chef had ‘created’ a cauliflower dish and I was literally shouting at the screen ‘that’s not new!!! Some of us, lots of us, have been doing that with cauliflower for years!!!’ (Obviously, Bob wasn’t impressed about being disturbed from his evening slumber, but it I couldn’t help myself.) I very rarely hear or see a chef presenting a ‘new’ vegetable dish nowadays, I usually have a feeling of seen/heard it all before, and that’s due to the amazing inspiration in blog world, as well as my own experiments. So many home cooks are doing amazing things in their kitchens, but of course, they are not out there being lauded and marketed, it’s not until a well known chef latches onto the idea that suddenly it’s applauded as an amazing new find! 

Anyway, my aim was not to bemoan chefs, but to provide cauli-inspiration: flavour, colour, health and happiness all in one dish 🙂 

It’s lovely just roasted…and it doesn’t have to be drenched in oil, I find just using a spray oil is enough to create lovely crunchy florets. You can roast it just like that, or add some spices and stir them through before roasting it. Roast it at around 200C, give it the odd shuffle around as it roasts, and take it out when it looks like this.. can marinate it to take on flavours…as I regularly do…like this or this, my cauliflower nirvana..


..use it in place of flour to make doughs for pizza make crackers.. 


..or ‘rice‘… a curryor like this one


..for lunch any day of the week, drizzled with tahini sauce, cooked with harissa, dotted with black garlic, or homous…


..pan cooked with leftover tomato sauces and topped with eggs.. 


..or just in a lovely complete dish, as a main or side dish… 


And of course, you can eat any leftovers cold, or throw them in a blender with tahini and lemon juice and make an interesting dip. The possibilities are endless, in all cuisines, and there’s lots and lots more inspiration out there if you look, this is merely a glimpse, there’s more in my recipe index and even more on my Instagram feed. 

I hope you like my offerings and feel the cauliflower love 🙂 

I am bringing my array of dishes along to this week’s Fiesta Friday and hope that everyone gets a taste of all the options! This weeks party is being hosted by the lovely Angie along with co hosts Julianna and Hilda – come along and join the fun xx

59 thoughts on “For the love of cauliflower…

  1. Angie

    Well, Elaine, you’ve converted me, as far as I’m concerned, into a full-blown cauliflower lover!! You, Elaine, totally get the credit, not some famous chef, not even Ottolenghi (gasp!). It’s through looking at all these cauliflower dishes of yours that I decided to get on the bandwagon. Apparently I’m late in the game, but I’m glad I finally caught up. What a wonderfully inspiring post this is!! XOXO

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  2. Maggie

    Oh, man! This all looks so amazing! Cauliflower can be found in Korea but it tends to be small and not the best! However, I’ve roasted it a couple of times. My mam does this love cauliflower salad that I’ll have to share one day! (I need her permission first!). Thanks so mcuh for the inspiration and all the lovely photos! I’ve just eaten but I feel hungry again looking at them!

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  3. Jess

    Cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts are my spirit animals. I have no idea why they get such a bad rep. Roasting them makes them nothing short of perfection. Great post Elaine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


        No. Just more bad news on my hip. I have to rest it (no exercise) for 4 months and then I might still need surgery. No exercise means this girl will be sticking to veggie meals. I’ll be stopping by frequently for ideas. Thank you for asking.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Feast Wisely

    Wow Elaine – keep the cauli post coming! I tried it last week as a rice substitute in paella (it worked) and today I’m making cauli mash with truffle oil….I also do the simple roasting as a side for Indian curries!

    Liked by 1 person

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