Pimp Your Veg 

I created this series to share tips, ideas and methods for cooking and eating vegetables; for making vegetables even more exciting; for providing inspiration for using up leftover vegetables; to provide ideas for getting the whole family eating more vegetables..I hope you like it 🙂 

Introducing the series

Part 1: roasting vegetables..my favourite way to enjoy vegetables   

Part 2: flavour..spices are your friend..adding flavour to your vegetables

Part 3: crispy crunchy oven baked vegetables..making your own healthy tasty crisps  

Part 4: it’s in the pan..pan cooking vegetables 

Part 5: vegetable patties/fritters/tikkis/burgers/cakes..getting creative with leftover vegetables 

Part 6: Sally and her spirilizer..creating vegetable ‘spaghetti’ for cold and hot dishes 

Part 7: vegetable flatbreads..adding vegetables to bread dough for all the family 

Part 8: dips, dips, dips..a great way to use up leftover veg or add veg to your table 

Part 9: ‘steam, sear and slather’..steam it, sear it in some oil and slather it with sauce! 

Part 10: soup glorious soup..lots of vegetable based soup recipes 

Part 11: aubergines…cooking aubergines successfully

Part 12: roasted butternut squash wedges…a useful addition to your fridge