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A wonderful posthumous award for lovely Selma..

I am so excited to be able to share this news with you – as much because I’ve known for a while and it’s been a struggle to keep it to myself!!! 

Our lovely Selma has been recognised this week at an amazing, glitzy London awards ceremony for one of her recipes – remember this lovely cake? I had no idea that she’d even put her recipe forward for the competition so the news was a complete and utter and wonderful surprise. 

The Observer newspaper, a national newspaper in the UK, runs the ‘Observer Monthly Food Awards’, an annual event, all entries being voted on by the public. Today the whole awards ceremony has been published in the newspaper’s Sunday magazine, as well as online, and there is Selma’s recipe, in full wonderful print 🙂

It’s so lovely to see, and she is in amazing company!!! Exactly where she deserves to be 🙂 

I wish she could have been here to enjoy the ceremony and the accolade xx

I’m sharing this with our Fiesta Friday family and I know they will all be so happy for her. 

My kind of carrot cakes, two ways..

20140604-085102-31862437.jpgI have wanted to play around with carrot cake flavours and ingredients for a while now and today was the day! I had lots of carrot batons left in my fridge so first off I put them into my little blender and chopped them finely – I love doing that in the blender and not getting cramp in my arm from grating endless carrots!

I emptied the chopped carrot into a big bowl, then put almonds and walnuts into the same blender and chopped them, not too fine, I wanted to be able to taste them and have a crunch. I then added dried apricots and cinnamon and blended again to chop up the apricots. I added the nuts and apricot mixture to the carrots and that’s when it got interesting…







20140603-201332-72812229.jpgI split the mixture in half and with one half, I then added some tahini sauce that I’d previously made, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 2 eggs and mixed it all up together. I spooned the mixture into my mini loaf tray and baked them for 20-25 mins.






20140603-201958-73198574.jpgOh the aroma! My kitchen smelt like heaven this morning!! I really like the outcome, they are such moist little morsels, typically for me they are quite savoury, not too sweet at all. To sweeten them up, you could add raisins and/or sultanas, and if you like nutmeg and/or ginger, try adding some of them too.

With the other half, I added melted almond butter and coconut oil and turned them I to the no bake version. Again, great flavours for me, but not sweet enough for other people, but easily pimped to your choice of flavours 🙂



20140604-085226-31946229.jpgHow’s that for a picture of healthy??



Fiesta Friday #16: When is a cupcake not a cupcake…?


….when it’s a goodness cup, but more about that later…

Right now…are you ready to join the biggest bestest weekly blog party? Then come along to Fiesta Friday..

If you don’t know about Angie’s weekly Fiesta Friday over at The Novice Gardener, it’s a weekly blog party that kicks off every Friday and runs all the way through to the next Wednesday. Numerous fabulous bloggers don their best party glad drags and bring their favourite posts to the party (not necessarily food, it can be whatever you want to bring), they chat, they share, they mingle and it’s a great event every week, that just keeps getting bigger and better! So, do you fancy joining the fun?

The reason I ask in particular this week is because I am co hosting this week along with Stacey from the wonderfully named 10legsinthekitchen and would love to see you there.

For full details about getting involved click here (once you’ve read the rest of this post of course!!)

And for details about this weeks Fiesta Friday 16 click here and read on..

This week, I am bringing my foodbod goodness cups for you to enjoy with your favourite cup of tea. Having recently had success with making goodness bars in my new silicone mini loaf tray I remembered the little silicone cup cake cases that I have in the cupboard and thought I’d use them to create some little cups of joy.

I also decided to try making them differently and instead of putting unsulphured apricots in my little blender and chopping them up, I made them into a purée instead. I put apricots into a saucepan with enough water to more than cover them and brought the water to the boil and simmered it until the apricots plumped out and soaked up all of the water. I then put them all into the blender and whizzed the up into a paste.

I’m sure this could be used in all sorts of ways, especially in recipes requiring some kind of sweetener, I used it in my little cups of goodness..

For the first ones I made, I did my usual and just chucked ingredients into the blender without weighing and measuring them: I started with almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, raisins and cranberries, which I blended only briefly to keep some texture. I then put the apricot purée and coconut oil in a bowl and melted and mixed them together before adding it to the dry ingredients and mixing it all up together. I then spooned this mixture into the cupcake cases and put them into the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Nice!!!

The second batch I weighed and measured and took notes for you:

150g apricot purée
130g coconut oil
50g ground almonds
50g sunflower seeds
30g shredded coconut
20g slivered almonds

I melted the apricot purée and coconut oil together then added all of the other ingredients and stirred it all together so that it was really well blended then spooned the mixture into the rest of the cupcake cases. They all went into the freezer until they set and they were fab! As always, they need to be stored in the fridge 🙂

This is, therefore, my idea of a cupcake, perfect with a cup of tea in my Grandmothers crockery, whilst I get ready to sit down and read all of your posts…see you at Fiesta Friday