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Top 20 cookbooks of 2020…

I am so amazed, and honoured to be included in this amazing list…a massive thank you to the fabulous delicious. magazine…

Wholegrain Sourdough at Home – Book Review

A couple of weeks ago, I received a gem in the mail – the highly anticipated and bestselling Wholegrain Sourdough at Home cookbook by my dear friend …

Wholegrain Sourdough at Home – Book Review

Whole Grain Sourdough at Home by Elaine Boddy: cookbook review

Sourdough from scratch Sourdough was the darling of lockdown. Perfect loaves with stretched crusts dusted with circles of flour, cut open to reveal a…

Whole Grain Sourdough at Home by Elaine Boddy: cookbook review

Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Loaf (low-carb and gluten-free)

Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Loaf is a lower-carb take on my popular Cauliflower Cheese Cake. Although smaller in size, this mini version holds oodles…

Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Loaf (low-carb and gluten-free)

Fiesta Friday #348

A new and exciting book was delivered to my residence very recently. Here is it. It’s hot off the press, so quick, grab your copy. You can get it …

Fiesta Friday #348


I don’t think I stopped smiling from the moment I started writing this post, to the time I hit publish… The cookbook I am reviewing today was written…


Today my book is published!

Today my book, Whole Grain Sourdough at Home is published, it is so exciting, and nothing I ever expected! If you’d like to know more please check it out, but in the meantime join me in raising a toast and celebrating! It’s such an exciting time and would never ever have happened without this blog and blog community.

Happy Baking everyone!

Spinach, herb and bulgur salad…

This salad is packed full of flavour and goodness…to make this I chopped fresh spinach and coriander in a blender, added fresh garlic, spices, pomegranate molasses and olive oil. I think stirred it through freshly cooked bulgur wheat, cooked my way.

This was great eaten with some roasted tomatoes and some of my white bean, buttermilk and tahini sauce from my previous post 💚

Fresh herbs and quinoa salad..

In this bowl is a salad I made recently topped with a newly created dip/sauce and sprinkled with some dried barberries and za’atar.

For the salad, I chopped fresh coriander and parsley with garlic and sunblush semi dried tomatoes. I stirred in some olive oil and seasoning as well as some ground roasted cumin seeds, before mixing it with quinoa cooked my way.

To make the sauce/dip, I blended soft white cooked beans with buttermilk, tahini, lemon juice and garlic until I got a consistency and flavour that I liked.

Sorry for the lack of weights and measures but I do tend to just throw things together!

Have fun in your kitchen!

Goats cheese and pesto sourdough waffles

On my sourdough blog today you’ll find these beauties:

Perfect with any of my dip recipes!