Pimping leftovers with Petra’s goodies…

I LOVE leftovers; to me, leftovers, or foods eaten a day or two after cooking/preparing them, taste vastly better than they did on day one. Flavours develop to create something so good that I pretty much always plan for leftovers and extras…

Today I had a variety of cooked vegetables and fresh herbs to use up and I decided to pimp them with some new products in my cupboard: last year my lovely blog friend, Petra, from the blog Food Eat Love, starting selling her homemade food products at her local Saturday market. She started off with amazingly pretty fresh pastas and sauces, and then expanded into sauces and crackers and jams and chutneys. Recently, she sent me some goodies to try, and I have used most of them in my dishes today. Let me show you…

These are what Petra sent me to try…lucky me! The two bottles that you can’t see the labels on are a ‘very hot hot sauce’ and a sweet chilli ginger sauce.

I’m afraid the dry tomato and coconut chutney was devoured first a little while ago, it was so good I literally ate in from the jar in two sittings..

If you can try this stuff, you really should! Included in the ingredients are cobnuts which give the chutney a great texture. But the rest I played with today…

So to today’s pimping…this was my lunch platter…

It includes…

Leftover broccoli & cauliflower, blended with yoghurt, crunchy hazelnut butter & Petra’s sweet chilli ginger sauce which added great flavour to the vegetables.

My homemade garlic mayonnaise pimped with Petra’s very hot hot sauce – perfect pimping.

Leftover roasted carrots & red onions blended with tahini, yoghurt & lemon juice…so good, the lemon juice and roasted carrots always works well together.

Fresh flat leaf parsley & coriander chopped up with my pickled garlic, spring onions, ground cumin, Aleppo chilli flakes, salt, olive oil, my homemade apple cider vinegar & Petra’s caramelised Seville orange & chilli treacle – I often add pomegranate molasses to my salsa verde concoctions and this was a great alternative.

All eaten with Petra’s Carta Di Musica flatbreads which are wonderfully thin and crunchy.

How’s that for a tasty lunch? And a perfect use of leftovers! Even if I do say so myself…;)

So a big thank you to Petra for letting me try some of her great products. I shall be sharing my concoctions with everyone at this week’s Fiesta Friday, which is after all, where Petra and I ‘met’. In the meantime, do check out Petra’s Instagram page if you’re an instagram user and enjoy her beautiful pups as well as those gorgeous pastas…one day I’ll get to try some of them!

21 thoughts on “Pimping leftovers with Petra’s goodies…

  1. sallybr

    In love with Petra’s instagram beauties, particularly her pasta… OMG! And the pup…

    you are indeed lucky to have such care package arriving at your door to play with… awesome, everything so colorful and tasty!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. petra08

    hi Elaine
    oh my! Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked the products, especially the dry tomato chutney! I love that you ate it from the jar 🙂
    I will let you know when I have something completely new and perhaps you would try that as well?
    Happy weekend 🙂 xx

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      1. petra08

        hi Elaine
        it was the coldest day ever! I can’t believe it is March and the winter just won’t go away!
        Saying that I am sure this is the last of it and in a few weeks it will be nice and lovely 🙂 x


  3. Angie | Fiesta Friday

    Lucky you! And lucky me, I’ve learned so much from both of you! Guess what? Made apple yeast water, used some to make a starter, still waiting to see if it’ll be viable or not to make bread, the rest I hope will turn into the cider vinegar that I love so much. If everything turns out as expected, I’ll post. Thanks, Elaine!

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  4. FrugalHausfrau

    What a great post, and I knew Petra was working hard on her endeavors but didn’t realize all that was included! Sweet Chili Ginger, my goodness! Well, it all sounds so wonderful! And that chutney. What can I say, you and Petra are both such inspirations!


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