In a pickle?

After reading the post about pickled red onions from Frugal Hausfrau recently, I decided it was time for me to get in a pickle! But of course, it would have to be my way. So I filled a jar with sliced red onions, sliced garlic, coriander seeds & cumin seeds, and filled it with a pickling fluid of apple cider vinegar, salt and the tiniest pinch of sugar..

I left them in the fridge for several weeks, and then started to taste and experiment with them. What I liked the most was the pickled spices, so I filled a jar with mostly them too!

A typical pickling juice is vinegar boiled with some salt and sugar then poured over whatever you wish to pickle. Then it’s down to you to enhance it with whatever aromatics take your fancy. Apple cider vinegar is quite a gentle acid, and works well, but white vinegar works just as well. It all depends how sharp you like your pickles. 

I’ve also pickled lots of whole garlic cloves – and they turn blue! Which is meant to be a good thing – healthy blue food, who knew??? (See below)

Aside from eating my pickled onions with a meal, I’ve also added them to various concoctions…

This is a ‘salad’ of chopped fresh parsley and coriander with lots of the pickled red onions and garlic and whole spices, using some of the pickling liquid with olive oil to create the texture. 

Tasty with everything, including roasted cauliflower with added leaves, tahini and dried barberries, providing a pop of sweet against the acidity of the pickles.

Or atop roasted aubergine slices topped with a Greek yoghurt & ricotta dressing, topped with pul biber chilli flakes and extra roasted coriander seeds.

I also used some of the pickles as a marinade, mixed with olive oil and roasted cherry tomatoes above.

And some more with cooled roasted aubergine slices and added pickled garlic – see the blue garlic slices? 

I left this mix to brew for a couple of days before adding some of both creations to some chopped leaves, below, with added roasted seeds..

I’m definitely a pickling convert, and having them in the fridge proves very useful. You can pretty much pickle anything, whether raw or cooked, so…

….what will you pickle today?

38 thoughts on “In a pickle?

  1. Eha

    Ooh! Having been born in a country which literally lives on pickled foods beginning with sauerkraut, cucumbers and beetroot, I have been away from the scene far too long. The photos of your onions have just told me it’s time to return. Love that very easy recipe but each photo and description after has told me ‘try’ and ‘make’ all else as well : delightful!!!

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  2. homecookexplorer

    And then there is what you do with pickle wallflowers – the ones a couple of years old that got forgotten on the shelf. This morning I found a jar of dill/garlic pickles from 2014. I took them all out, put them in a mini blender, and into a jar with the label ‘homemade relish’. As for the brine, it is now filtered in a jar with the label ‘sweet garlic vinegar’ (just waiting for an oil pairing to make a great salad dressing. )

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  3. sallybr

    I love pickled ANYTHING! As you know, Phil cannot have onions, and because I eat them so rarely, I need to be careful, they tend to be hard for me to digest. But last year I made pickled onions and loved them so much, I want to give your recipe a try. A small batch, something for me to enjoy over salads and maybe some tacos.

    Your cauliflower looks amazing! and what a great idea to put dried barberries to use! I am staring at a small bag in my pantry, one of those bags that make me feel guilty – impulse buy…..

    Elaine to the rescue! 😉

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  4. petra08

    I adore pickles and can’t get enough of them! I pickle things every now and then but have never thought of pickling spices! The blue garlic looks amazing! I have never seen that and I love to pickle garlic! I love how your food is just bursting with flavor! 🙂

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  5. FrugalHausfrau

    I have been meaning to get over and comment for ages, but back and forth from the folks and computer issues has me quieter than usual!! Thanks so much for the shout out! Those pickled onions are so much fun and I’ve loved seeing what you’ve done with them and all the creative ideas! You are a culinary genius!! 🙂



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