Fiesta Friday time!!! 

I’ve been so busy co hosting this week’s Fiesta Friday that I ha ent had time to actually post anything myself! So, happy weekend everyone, and happy Fiesta Friday – do head over for a visit and join Caroline and I at the party…there’s some great posts and lots of new people to meet, and in the meantime, here’s some of the food I’ve made and eaten this week to keep you going…

A kind of shakshuka sauce with peas for added bursts of natural sweetness 😀

I seem to be having eggs with everything at the moment!! Very tasty though, especially as you stir the yolk through the sauce…! 

For lunch today with added pan fried cauliflower in coconut oil.

As opposed to this which was cauliflower roasted in my moroccan spice mix and Mrs Middletons rapeseed oil.

Along with roasted carrots and my own homous! Yum!!!!

And last night I received my first ever vegetable box delivery so this week will be experimenting with all of this fabulous fresh produce – I thought I’d use it as a challenge to see what arrived and what I could make with it, the sprouts flowers along look amazing, so, watch this space!! 

Have a great weekend xx

45 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday time!!! 

  1. Katie Fresh

    Your cauliflower in all it’s various forms is inspiring to me! Will have to try some Moroccan spice. And what a beautiful photo of the vegetable box – looking forward to seeing what you do with that!

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  2. platedujour

    Oh my! All this food look so good! I love eggs too and could eat them every day with anything really ❤❤ it would be so easy to be vegetarian having you in my kitchen Elaine 😘 have a lovely weekend too xx

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  3. Redterrain

    Looks like a great week of food here Elaine. (We’re lacking fresh vegetable options here) as a lot of the food is super processed but I’ve been able to get myself to the grocery store for fruits and veggies. I would LOVE some of your hummus right now ahaha… I am that person…in a foreign country and all I want is home cooking.

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  5. M-R

    You know, it’s occurred to me in the past (can’t remember when) to wonder if you ever get a vegie delivery like this. With the speed you get through your Good Things, I reckon they’re made for you, MSPF !!! 🙂

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      I hope so! I saw a local company doing them so thought I’d give it a go…it’s such a different collection of vegetables from what I would pick for myself, it will definitely challenge me – which I will thoroughly enjoy! xx

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  6. Master of Something Yet

    I love my weekly fruit and veg box and the challenge to use what turns up. 🙂
    It’s almost dinner time here, I’m starving but I don’t have the energy to cook after a 16km run and a rehearsal. Can’t you just send something over? 😀

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