Red pepper, mushroom and spinach curry…

 Let me tempt you into a bowl full of colour and health and flavour…I know that this is nothing new for me, that is my aim for every dish I make, but this one does look particularly vibrant doesn’t it? Don’t you feel healthier just looking at it?   

I was inspired to make this after ready Poppy’s recipe for her mushroom and tofu curry in a red pepper sauce – I liked the sound of the of the sauce and the process that she used to make it, so I made my version. I’m not a tofu fan, so I increased the mushrooms, added the spinach at the end, and left out the sweetener. I also used red peppers that I had roasted myself rather than from a jar.

The outcome from a very tasty dish, one which I highly recommend that you try yourself 😀 please do check out Poppy’s blog for more details.  

Spring is definitely in the air here, it is a beautiful spring day here in the middle of the U.K., everything is green and gorgeous, the sun is shining and birds are singing. Bob is loving it, there’s nothing more he loves than just sitting outside in the sun surveying his world..


39 thoughts on “Red pepper, mushroom and spinach curry…

  1. Eha

    Saying ‘hello’ from mid-Eastern Seaboard of Australia where it is a cloudless 30C in spite of supposed autumn and Bob would be awfully welcome: a couple of neighbouring would-be friends of similar size and good disposition would not mind an iota!! Love this recipe: just to look at the sesame seeds would make me reach for ‘implements’!! And since I love tofu, I could try all the way . . . . already in my ‘to do’ pile!!

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  2. sallybr

    glad you left out the tofu… I try and try, but just don’t fall in love with it. I will eat it, but my beloved dislikes it so intensely, I would never make a recipe with it for us

    mushrooms… so much better!

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  3. Susan

    First of all, I’m making this!! For sure. Second of all, Bob is doing such a good job surveying the property and basking in the sun 🙂 Good dog!!

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