Lunch? My healthy midday boost..

I like to know that every meal I eat is providing me with great nutrition; 

I want every plate I meet to be full of goodness, and health boosting food; 

I want it to provide energy, and nutrients that make my body and mind sing. 

That’s how I view my food. 

With everything I eat I want to be aiding my health and happiness, whilst enjoying wonderfully tasty fresh food, and this dish definitely fulfilled that requirement..

How’s this for a lunch to help you sail through the afternoon with energy? A feel good factor on a plate, in looks as well as goodness, backed up by great ingredients and fresh produce…


This lunch bowl contains chunks of courgette/zucchini pan cooked in spray olive oil, buckwheat groats, crumbled melting goats cheese and dukkah stirred through to add crunch and flavour..


In my world, this equals a big fat healthy YUM!!!! 

31 thoughts on “Lunch? My healthy midday boost..

  1. sallybr

    LOVE THIS! By the way, I cooked quinoa by your method, and was blown away by how much better it is! I will be blogging about it later this week, so expect a link=love back to your site…


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  2. Sue

    and then sue comes in and says . . . oh hey have you looked at the issues re: spray oils? Not to rain on your kick butt lunch parade here . . . . but . . . worth looking into. and by the way I also use your quinoa method too. It’s so convenient, so easy and turns out so marvelously fluffy.

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      1. A @ moylomenterprises

        You’re welcome.
        My mom would love this recipe. She’s a huge fan of bulgar, wheat germ and all things healthy!
        More familiar with the word “bulgar” than “groats” though, but I guess one can learn something new everyday 🙂

        From just looking at the image I thought it was quinoa (which is all the rave these days but which I have yet to try) but I guess one can experiment with many different grains or cheeses for a different taste.

        Thanks for sharing, must try 🙂

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      2. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

        Groats only refers to the buckwheat grains, they are often called groats.
        But yes, this kind of recipe can be made with any grains: quinoa, freekeh, bulgur wheat, whatever you fancy really.
        If you do try quinoa, do try my method for cooking it 🙂
        Thank you so much for liking my recipe x

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  3. Laura @ Feast Wisely

    Lovely opening to this post Elaine – very inspiring and I relate to it 80% of the time, just sometimes I let myself off for the pure enjoyment of food that’s a little naughty (like authentic Italian pizza)…..



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