Wild garlic flowers, tahini and yoghurt dressing & za’atar roasted butternut squash..


Can I be honest? I love this photo (above), I think it has to be one of my all time favourites, assisted by the fact that it’s a dish full of flavour! 

Having played with wild garlic leaves recently, I wanted to use the flowers as well; the flowers have a lovely flavour, a bit stronger than the leaves, but still not as strong as a bit of standard raw garlic. I chopped up some butternut squash, skin and all, sprayed it with oil and sprinkled with za’atar, and put it into the oven at 200C to roast.

I then made a dressing using the wild garlic flowers with tahini…(don’t the flowers look lovely swimming in tahini? I’d love to swim in tahini….!)…


…plus some greek yogurt, lemon juice and water, as needed…


Mine was quite thick, probably more akin to a dip, you could add more water to thin it out. Once my butternut squash was roasted and lovely…



…I drizzled and plopped it all over the dish..


Yum yum yum!!!!!!! This is literally a bowl of heavenly flavour as far as I’m concerned; it’s what I typically eat for lunch on any given day; I do love my own food 😉 

Happy Sunday from a beautiful sun shining UK – there really is little more beautiful than English countryside in the  sunshine. This is the view from my kitchen window right NOW… 


37 thoughts on “Wild garlic flowers, tahini and yoghurt dressing & za’atar roasted butternut squash..

  1. skd

    That photo is sheer torture Elaine! Beautiful colors, textures and flavors. .my my! That is one innovative dish. Brilliant combination of flavors. And that view! I would have been sitting staring out of the window with a cup of green tea in my hand for hours . And here we have you getting inspired to come up with something as exotic as that 👍☺

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  2. theclevercarrot

    Elaine, I first caught a glimpse of this gorgeous dish on Instagram and I’ve been meaning to get over to your blog ever since. I could live on food like this (skin and all) and those garlic flowers! I’ve never seen them before! Chive flowers? Yes. But those gorgeous white blossoms… I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for fresh garlic; ’tis the season!

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  3. Karinna

    Yum! We spent the day wandering in the sun, then sat down to a lunch which involved the most tasty aioli, so I suppose I could say I was with you and your garlic flowers in spirit 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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