The foodbod food range


The foodbod food range brings you healthy, handmade food, full of flavour and goodness, all freshly made with nutritious ingredients. All foodbod food is gluten free, mostly dairy free and ALL sugar free, full of good fats and packed with nutrients; fill your freezer with freshly made dishes for quick easy meals, or surround yourself with snacks and/or dishes freshly made for you to support your food regime or intolerances;

I make a whole range of ‘goodness snacks’ and ‘goodness cakes’; they are packed with nutritious ingredients and no sugar or preservatives, absolutely NO RUBBISH! Mixes of seeds, nuts, dried fruits, nut butter, coconut oil, all sorts of GOOD STUFF!

IMG_5887.JPGI also make fresh dips – lots of variations and flavours, homemade spice mixes, and healthy vegetable meals, packed with flavour and goodness, that can be eaten on their own or alongside your own meat or fish dishes..


Goodness cubes: £1 each, minimum order 6
Goodness cakes: £1.50 each, minimum order 6
Dips: £2.95 for 200g
Spice mixes: £2.50 for 30g
Meals: £4.00 for 400g

For more details about any of the above or to order please do contact me by leaving a comment below or email

If you would like anything in particular made for you or you see something on the blog that you’d like, please contact me.

Please read me…

All dishes are:
gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, unless natural sugars occur which are present in fruits or vegetables;
free of preservatives, the only exception is when they are already present in some dried fruits, for example, sulphur dioxide is often added to dried fruit, but I do try to buy unsulphured dried fruit as much as possible. No other preservatives occur;
designed to provide great flavour and to nurture the body and provide energy and sustenance;
vegetable basedmm an satisy a vegetarian diet, and the majority also satisfy a vegan diet. Dishes can be made to satisfy any particular dietary regime.

Nuts are used in some dishes, and even if nuts are not present in the dish, nuts ARE prepared regularly in the same vicinity as all of the dishes.


Payment is due at the time of ordering. Cash or online payments are accepted.


To place an order, please contact us by leaving a comment below or email


foodbod food ranges and services are based in Milton Keynes.

Collection is available from Haversham, Milton Keynes, or delivery on request for a fee within a 25 mile radius only.

Deliveries further afield will be subject to a postage and package charge.

36 thoughts on “The foodbod food range

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      1. Laura

        You are so welcome! I know we are literally oceans apart, but if there is a way I can do a review post on my blog, I totally would be happy to do that! If you’re interested, we can put our heads together a figure it out. Anything I can do to help, I will!

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  2. Anonymous

    This is so fantastic Elaine. Hats off to you honey for creating such a fabulous venture! X Huge love and respect for you xxx


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  7. safia

    Well, I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I lived in Milton Keynes! 😉 Everything looks so good and nutritious – wishing you great success with your venture. Just remember, word of mouth is your best marketing tool, and it can take time.

    Liked by 1 person


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