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My veg box fun…part 1

You may recall that I mentioned that I received my first vegetable box delivery last Friday evening? It was from a local business ‘Luke’s Local Produce‘ and delivered by Luke himself, a nice young man with an interest in food – so he must be nice!!! 

I had no idea what to expect and I’ve been very happily impressed by the produce, it definitely brought new items into my vegetable world and challenged me to make new dishes, of which you will be seeing a few more posts this week..for now, let me tell you, the box included potatoes, carrots, parsnips (the photos of these three were taken AFTER washing off the mud!), shallots, mushrooms, a red onion, a HUGE leek, a kohlrabi….

….stunning purple kale, broccoli tops….

…and, wait for it….sprout flowers…a really new one to me…

…aren’t they beautiful?? And all this for £10! Very nice 🙂 Some items needed to be used sooner than others, which is no problem for me, and now, nearly a week on all I’ve got left is a couple of potatoes. 

So, to start with I made kale chips with the purple kale and threw in some of the sprout flowers too and they crisped up nicely too.

I washed both sets of the vegetables and dried them as much as possible, then chopped the flowers from the main thick purple stalk, and cut the kale leaves from the or stalks and cut them into pieces.

I heated the oven to 140C fan assisted. 

I sprayed the leaves and the flowers with olive oil spray, making sure it covered everything by moving through the leaves with my hands as I sprayed the oil, and seasoned them with salt and pepper, then laid them in a single layer on a sheet of baking paper on an oven tray.

I cooked them for 5-6 minutes then turned the tray and cooked for another 5-6 minutes then took them out and forced myself not to eat them all immediately whilst they crisped up a bit more. 

The sprout flowers needed to be cooked for a bit longer – you need to judge it yourself really, getting the leaves crispy but not overdone. 

This was just the beginning…and a very nice beginning it was too 🙂 

Check back tomorrow for the next dish veg box dish – something completely new x