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More harissa fun…


I make batches and batches of harissa, referring back to Kellies recipe every time, but playing with different chillies and making my own slight variations. I recently ordered a selection of dried chillies from Sous Chef and have been working may way through them and discovering the slight differences in flavours, as well as heat. 

I previously made some harissa with the Mulato chillies, which have a chocolatey flavour, and are therefore used in mole sauces and dishes. They rendered my harissa a brown colour and were not very spicy, so I added a few Piquin chillies, the little red ones (not in the photo) that I had….and deleted the photos!!!   


In this batch, I used the Pasilla chillies.. 

   The flavour is good, without being too spicy, and as the jars sit in my fridge, the flavours continue to develop and the taste only gets better. 

I am learning more and more about the various chillies and using them; these big dry chillies can just be ripped open to remove seeds really easily, or you can pull off the stalks and pour the seeds out, just roll the chilli between your fingers to release them. Then put the chillies into a pan of boiling water and simmer until they soften up sufficienlt, each type takes different amounts of time to soften. 

This is also why I recently took receipt of more spices from Just Ingredients, just to add to my ever increasing stash of spices!!  I mean, can one ever really have enough spices???? (Please say no!)  

   Just look at those colours!!!! Recently I’ve throughly enjoyed some lunches of baked sweet potato topped with harissa and tahini sauce…my oh my, what a collection of flavours!! Just gorgeous!   


I hope you like my harissa explorations 🙂 see you tomorrow with another fab ‘What would you feed me?’ guest post xx