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Roasted hemp seed dip..

 I’ve continued playing with hemp seeds recently…for starters, I’ve been roasting them – like everything, roasting them really enhances the flavour..

As they are such tiny seeds you do have to keep a close eye on them when you roast them, they can very quickly and easily get burnt. I just spread a thin layer on my biggest oven tray and put them in an oven at 200C (180C fan). I take the tray out every few minutes and agitate the seeds, pulling them away from the edges where they get cooked the most first and giving them all a move around. I take them out of the oven for good once they have become a golden brown then leave them to cool before storing in glass jars. 

Once again I tried out a new dip with the roasted seeds as well as saving some to throw over salads and vegetable dishes. 

So this is made of..

100g Roasted hemp seeds, 

2 tbsp lemon juice, 

water as needed, 

1 tsp roasted cumin, 

1 tsp ground coriander, 

2 cloves garlic, 

salt & pepper to taste,

1 bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped. 

All whizzed up in your blender. 

I enjoyed some of this dip with my recent mezze lunch and Selma’s cauliflower and za’atar cakes..tasty, healthy and full of goodness!! 

I hope you’re having a good week 😉

Roasted aubergine, courgettes & quinoa with my parsley & hemp seed dressing…


Another lunch from last week..


Sliced baby aubergines and chunks of courgettes, roasted in olive oil and spices, with quinoa cooked my way, and the remains of my hemp seed dressing..step by step pictures to follow..






Soooooo tasty!!!!!! 



Yum!!!! healthy, tasty, fresh, homemade food, how fabulous is that??

Hemp seed butter and hemp seed & parsley dressing..

Have you ever tried hemp seeds? Forget any association with the cannabis plant, these won’t affect you in any odd ways! 

I like hemp seeds (I always buy them hulled), they have a lovely nutty flavour, and adding a sprinkle to any dish adds a great extra flavour but also much needed protein for a vegetarian like me 🙂  

Having bought some recently I started to think about utilising them in new ways so decided to research some ideas for using them, hence making hemp seed butter. I literally threw some in my Nutribullet and whizzed them up to create a butter, akin to any nut butter basically. The Nutribullet makes light work of making any nut or seed butter and these took literally seconds to become a paste; I decided to add some coconut oil to mine for some extra goodness and flavour. 

The green colour really comes out when you make butter from the seeds. 

And so my brain continued whirring in the way it does…as tahini is just creamed sesame seeds, these creamed hemp seed could surely be used in a similar way to tahini? So I used it to make a dressing.. 

This is literally just some flat leaf parsley, garlic, lemon juice, water and some of the hemp seed butter. The result was really tasty! The hemp seeds respond well to being mixed with water and can be used as a non dairy addition to all sorts of things. I’ll definitely use it again in dressings and dips.  

It was perfect over some roasted butternut squash the next day.. 

I would definitely suggest giving some hemp seeds a go and check out the different things people have made with them online. If nothing else, just chuck some over your salad or roasted vegetables for some added goodness.