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My version of a peri peri salt mix…

I love seeing these layers of spices prior to shaking it up

I wanted to make a version of a well known peri peri salt/shaker/mix without the sugar and salt (I know that sounds odd, but I want the flavour but not the salt) that’s in the original. I did some research and playing and this is what I came up with, and it works really well!

Mixed and ready to test

I made a big jar full, hence the large quantities. Swap the tablespoons for teaspoons if you want to make a smaller amount.


• 4 tbsp onion granules

• 4 tbsp garlic powder/granules

• 2 tbsp brewers yeast granules

• 2 tbsp black pepper

• 4 tbsp sweet paprika

• 4 tbsp smoked paprika

• 2 tbsp dried parsley

• 4 tbsp ground coriander

• 2 tbsp oregano

• 6 tbsp Aleppo chilli flakes

• 2 tbsp ground roasted cumin

• 2 tbsp cinnamon

Shake it all up!

Notes: The brewers yeast replaces salt, the cinnamon and sweet paprika replace the sugar. You can add more heat, or use cayenne powder instead of the Aleppo chilli flakes I used (I wouldn’t swap them 1:1 though!)

Perfect as a condiment to sprinkle over a meal or as a spice mix to add as you cook a dish. I’ve added it to pretty much everything and I love it, I now need to make more 😁😁

My sourdough cheese soufflés…

This is a brand new creation from my kitchen this week and I think a fitting celebration for the 6th birthday of this blog today!

The main recipe is on my sourdough blog but I wanted to share it here too I was so proud of these and it worked so well. It was a pure experiment, great fun to make and they tasted amazing!!!!

I hope you’ll pop over and have a look 🙂

My sourdough cheese soufflés.

Happy Sunday!