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Colour and flavour fills my lunches…

 I’ve been having a play this week; I’ve been throwing ideas round my head and using some different ingredients to see what I can create for my lunches, so today I am sharing a couple of them with you and the partygoers at this week’s blog party extraordinaire: Angie’s Fabulous Fiesta Friday – THE only blog party to join week after week – I hope the guests enjoy them 🙂    

I bought some gorgeous cherry and baby plum tomatoes at the market earlier in the week. After washing and draining them, I cut them all in half and laid them all cut side up on my biggest ovens trays, sprinkled with chopped garlic, seasoned and drizzled with olive oil, and roasted At 190C until they looked GOOD and tasted GREAT!!


These are so good just on their own, and the juice makes a lovely dressing. I ate a bowl of the tomatoes with some soft goats cheese which was just heavenly; I used most of them to make fresh harissa; and I used the rest for this lunch… 

The tomatoes sit atop mashed avocado and an experiential pattie/flatbread idea…this is made up of leftover roasted cauliflower, chopped in a blender, mixed with almond flour, coconut flour and natural yoghurt, cooked slowly on a tawa over a medium heat. It worked well and tasted great 🙂 


I followed the tip for saving half the avocado for the next day from Selma’s Tips and Tricks page (this is VERY useful as I could have very easily eaten the entire huge avocado in one go – like I usually do). 

I also discovered how to ripen hard avocados this week – I’d bought two that were rock hard so I put them each in a brown paper bag and they ripened themselves in a day! Note to self: do one at a time next time!  

  I finished up the avocado the next day with these beetroot ’rounds’. 

I used up some cooked beetroots by whizzing them up in my small bowl food processor and mixed them with almond flour, coconut oil, ground cumin, ground coriander, water, an egg. I put it all together and put it in the fridge to firm up into a dough but it remained pretty sloppy as I didn’t give it very long. I then took handfuls of the ‘dough’, formed them into balls and again, cooked them on a tawa over a medium/heat, flattening them in the pan.  

I piled the avocado on top of a pile of the rounds and tucked in.. 

..and made a kind of sandwich with the rest… 

And it was very good!!! And fun! I had fun playing around and trying out ideas – isn’t that all part of being in the kitchen?? 

I hope you like my inventions? And I hope this week’s co hosts, my lovely friend Mollie (do click on her name and check out her blog) and the talented Dini at Fiesta Friday enjoy them – have a great Friday and a fab weekend xx