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I have so many recipes on this blog, that I have decided to limit this index; if I list everything, I’m sure readers will get overwhelmed or bored half way down the page! 

* Please excuse the messy text, it’s still a work in progress * 

So on this page you will find my vegetable based dishes, that can be eaten as a main course, or used as a side dish. As you will see from the list of categories down the right hand side of the page, there are also numerous recipes for dips, flatbreads, sourdough, healthy snacks and breakfast ideas on this blog. You will also find lots of ideas in my ‘Pimp Your Veg’ series, so please do check them out too 🙂 

Feel free to contact me for any details or advice on any of these at 


Lebanese inspired marinated and roasted chickpeas and potatoes

Cauliflower and chickpea ‘shish taouk’

Marinated chickpeas and potatoes, three ways

Marinated cauliflower nirvana

Tandoori spiced roasted cauliflower and jalfrezi spiced roasted sprouts

Pan cooked harissa sprouts and cauliflower

Fig and goats cheese cauli-cashew base pizza

Beetroot, butternut squash and grains

Aubergine and quinoa ‘maqluba’ style bake

Zaalouk: a middle eastern salad/dip with aubergines, tomatoes and spices

Pea and rocket zaalouk

Baked bulgur wheat, quinoa and roasted vegetables in tahini sauce

Butternut squash, bulgur wheat and quinoa kind of kibbeh

Butternut squash and quinoa ‘mejadra’

Bombay-ish potatoes with spinach

Baingan (aubergine) patiala

Indian spiced roasted brussel sprouts

Chana dal: yellow lentils with spinach

Urad dal and soya bean curry

Lentil and pea curry

Aubergine curry

Spanish aubergine and bean casserole

Sweet potato vegetable and bean chilli

Vegetable chilli

Cauliflower and bean madras with butternut squash quinoa

Roasted spiced winter squash

Sweet potato, butternut squash and aubergine freekeh

Jewelled freekeh: grains with nuts and dried fruits

Aubergine, tomato and quinoa bake

Spinach, tomato and quinoa open kibbeh

Quinoa, tomato sauce, goats cheese and rocket

Crispy roast potatoes and parsnips

Shawarma marinated vegetables & quinoa 

Roasted kohlrabi & vegetables plus new dips 

Soya/endemame beans salad and dip 

Sweet potato bake & eggless ‘chickpea juice’ tahini mousse 

Black garlic studded bread rolls and labneh 

Black garlic and za’atar aubergines 

Cauliflower, coconut and black garlic rice 

Black Garlic Harissa 

Mexican style beans

Mexican beans, enchilada sauce & cauliflower tortillas

Mexican leftovers

Wild garlic pesto


Red lentil dahl

Wild garlic, tahini and greek yoghurt dressing with za’atar roasted butternut squash

Beetroot patties and avocado

Roasted cauliflower patties, roasted tomatoes and avocado

Selection of dishes

Spinach & chickpea chermoula stew + dip

Butternut squash columbo, coconut milk & pressure cooking

Handmade bread & focaccia

Green goodness sauce

Lavash flatbreads and oven baked falafels

Spinach and cauliflower falafels & spinach falafel dip

Braised lettuce, mexican ketchup & cheese dish; roasted cumin tomatoes, mushrooms & cauliflower; quinoa, harissa sauce & homous

Butternut squash, kale and creamy chermoula

Homemade rose harissa spice mix

Hemp seed butter & hemp seed and parsley dressing
Selmas sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters

Selmas chermoula spiced aubergine wedges

Roasted aubergine and courgette with quinoa and my hemp seed and parsley dressing

Aubergine, spinach and buckwheat dip on ribbons of carrot & courgette..

Selma’s romanesco, feta and za’atar cakes

Spiced spinach and buckwheat flatbreads

Salad of chopped parsley, grated raw courgette, lemon juice, olive oil, roasted cumin and dukkah

Mighty mezze

Pan cooked vegetables with a crunchy falafel crumb

An Indian feast with spiced bread rolls
A dip of roasted hemp seeds, roasted cumin, ground coriander and parsley

Dukkah with a difference

Cooking grains successfully

Chimichurri pea dip with spiced chickpea flatbreads

Vegetable and rice mini muffins and green pea dip

Homemade roasted spiced nuts

Shakshuka risotto:

Shawarma spiced root vegetables & chickpeas:

Homemade sugarfree baked beans:

My butternut squash vegetable bhaji:

A vegetarian mujaddarh inspired lentil & quinoa dish:

Spiced caramelised red onion paste & goats cheese pizza:

Chimichurri cashew pesto:

Pan cooked root vegetables with my Moroccan inspired paste:

 Roasted vegetable salad and oven baked caramelised onions:

Yellow courgette, wild garlic stalks and freekeh salad:

Muhammara, red pepper and sriracha homous, and chermoula homous:

Indian spinach dish with quinoa and coriander chutney:

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  1. dianaroggenbuckebrown

    The index page couldn’t have come at a better time, I have a cauliflower and I was wondering what to do with it and then I remembered that you had two awesome recipes with cauliflower and chickpea which I was planning on scrolling through your posts to find, but with this index page the recipes are at my finger tips. Thank you, you are a life saver xxx


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