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In my kitchen…

Welcome to July…yes, JULY!!! Already! Not long until Christmas….;) 

So, onto this month’s fun in my kitchen, the fabulous blog link up hosted by Celia of Fig, Jam and Lime Cordial…check it out and have a glimpse into other blogger’s worlds..

In my kitchen…is my absolute favourite new thing…this stamped vintage teaspoon…

  Yes, it was made to order, I chose the wording, I also purchased one for my BFF’s 40th birthday. The delivery was fast and the quality is great. I just love my spoon!!! I got it from this website.

And of course, in my kitchen, is always LOTS of tahini to go with the spoon..

  In my kitchen…is a new batch of spices from the fabulous Persepolis..the south London shop and online store is run by Sally Butcher who has also written several great Persian/Middle Eastern cookbooks, of which I own each one! I know I make my own spice mixes, but sometimes it’s good to try out the experts’. 

  I also received this cool falafel making tool as part of the same order… 

 In my this vintage scoop from a local shop that I recently discovered. The shop is full of goodies, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from there in the future..

  In my ktichen…is this picture frame based on the typical doors found at the entrance of locals’ homes in the UAE… 



 In my kitchen…this week has been the usual daily cooking, including lots of spices and flavours and fresh produce..I just love this photo, the aroma was as good as the image..
 …and of course, lots of COLOUR!!!!! 


Today I thought I’d bring my collection to this week’s Fiesta Friday too, hosted this week by the lovely Julie and Josette, I hope you all like my collection.

Have a great weekend, and if you celebrate, Happy 4th July for tomorrow 🙂