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Fabulous roasted beetroot gluten free galette..perfect for Easter!


I’ve been thinking about using coconut oil in pastry for a while; Ben recently had to make pasties at school as part of his cooking lessons and the recipe required lard…I just could not bring myself to buy lard, I’m sorry! So, I countered that lard is a white fat, as is coconut oil, so I sent him with coconut oil instead. He reported back that it worked really well for making pastry, however, he then dropped it all on the floor so we couldn’t taste the final outcome! Oops! 

I have seen so many of you make gorgeous galettes and have been coveting this recipe from Emma at Coconut and Berries for a while, ever since she posted it last year. I have been waiting for a chance to make it when I would have people to share it with; my boys wouldn’t be interested and I’d risk wanting to eat the whole thing! So this week was my monthly ladies lunch, a perfect occasion 🙂 

I served it with tahini sauce, my version of ‘toum’, spiced carrot homous and my shawarma vegetables and quinoa. Big yum! 

When you visit Emma’s blog for the recipe, you will see that the pastry is made with buckwheat flour (gluten free), coconut oil and water, and fresh rosemary but I left out the rosemary for now.  

The cream underneath the beetroot is made off ground almonds, lemon juice and water – hows clever is that?? And it’s so good!!  


The pastry comes together really well. And it cooked well and it tastes GREAT! My guests loved it! And the leftovers were just as good the next day with the rest of the yoghurt dressing, spiced carrot homous and beetroot and tahini dip..

You really have to try it! It’s a great recipe, do click over and have a read 🙂 

So, this week I am bringing this masterpiece (if I say so myself!) so Fiesta Friday to share with all of my blog pals, I can’t wait to see you all! The party this week is hosted by the lovely founder Angie, along with the wonderful, marvellous Prudy and the equally fabulous, gorgeous Jess – what a team!!! now that’s a party you want to get to!

Get over there and see what everyone’s cooking up this weekend, and consider checking out the guidelines and joining in. Happy Easter from (probably) the only home in the UK WITHOUT any chocolate eggs in it!! xx 


You may recall my post last week playing with coconut oil and peanut butter? Well, I used the coconut oil from My Protein again in this galette 🙂 (and they have an entire page of offers that are worth checking out!) 


Fiesta Friday time!!! 

I’ve been so busy co hosting this week’s Fiesta Friday that I ha ent had time to actually post anything myself! So, happy weekend everyone, and happy Fiesta Friday – do head over for a visit and join Caroline and I at the party…there’s some great posts and lots of new people to meet, and in the meantime, here’s some of the food I’ve made and eaten this week to keep you going…

A kind of shakshuka sauce with peas for added bursts of natural sweetness 😀

I seem to be having eggs with everything at the moment!! Very tasty though, especially as you stir the yolk through the sauce…! 

For lunch today with added pan fried cauliflower in coconut oil.

As opposed to this which was cauliflower roasted in my moroccan spice mix and Mrs Middletons rapeseed oil.

Along with roasted carrots and my own homous! Yum!!!!

And last night I received my first ever vegetable box delivery so this week will be experimenting with all of this fabulous fresh produce – I thought I’d use it as a challenge to see what arrived and what I could make with it, the sprouts flowers along look amazing, so, watch this space!! 

Have a great weekend xx

More adventures with black garlic: cauliflower, coconut and black garlic rice

IMG_0558Cauliflower rice is such a quick and easy dish, it’s healthy, tasty, gluten free, low carb, and open to all sorts of flavours, uses and experiments, like this one! It can satisfy a vegetarian, vegan, paleo, primal and healthy diet, or just satisfy the taste buds – it takes on flavours so well, and adding the chopped black garlic to this version gave it lovely little pops of fabulousness as I ate it.

I cooked this in coconut oil because it’s so lovely and so good for you – it doesn’t overwhelm your dish with the coconut flavour so if you’re not a coconut fan, don’t fear using it, it’s such great stuff it’s still worth you trying it out, and on this occasion, just don’t add the additional coconut to the dish.



Half a head of medium cauliflower, roughly chopped into florets
1 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 cup shredded coconut (optional)
1/2 bulb black garlic, cloves cut into threes


Pulse the cauliflower florets in a blender for literally less than a minute until it resembles a rice-like consistency
Add this to a wide bottom pan with the coconut oil and start to cook over a medium heat
Keep the cauliflower moving so that it all gets coated with some coconut oil
Add the turmeric (for the colour, flavour and health benefits!)
Add the shredded coconut and chopped black garlic
All the while keep it all moving in the pan
It will now be starting to cook and you could just keep frying it until it’s the softness you want it to be or, as I did, add a small amount of water to the pan and cover it with a lid to cook to the texture you would like.

Then eat it on its own as it is, or with everything and anything!

IMG_7449Of course, cauliflower rice can be a base for all sorts of additions; you can add anything to it that you would add to rice, you can add lots of flavours to it with spices and herbs.

Don’t forget that you can try black garlic yourself with 10% off the price plus free delivery (in the UK) using the code ‘foodbod’ until 28th February 2015. Order online or email them direct to enquire about delivery overseas at

Having made this lovely rice last week, I ate it across a few days, it warms up again really easily. I finished it off by mixing it up with some roasted carrots and topping with some garlic, yoghurt dressing and, oh my word, it was so good!!!! This photo doesn’t do it justice, but believe me when I tell you I was in heaven!!

IMG_7462Have a great Sunday 🙂

Look what my son made for me!!!

IMG_7171My lovely boy, Ben, (12 years old, soon to be 13 in 3 weeks time), has been doing food tech at school recently, and was tasked with bringing in his own recipe and cooking it at school on Friday.

The dishes they have made up until now have been packed full of sugar and flour and various things I would prefer not to eat, although I have of course been a good Mum and tried little bits; the things he has made has taught him all sorts of the same methods that I also learnt at school at his age so it’s all positive, but what he really wanted to do was cook a dish that I would like to eat. So I took into account what I had in the house and in the fridge and set him the task of making me a vegetable curry.

People often fear making Indian food because they think it will be complicated, or they feel it requires too many ingredients; I think you just need to be fully prepared, have all of your ingredients ready and follow the steps of the recipe until you feel confident enough to go it alone. This is the task that I set Ben; I provided everything he needed, I measured out all of the spices and made sure he had a clear recipe and method to follow.

IMG_7139I found him this recipe for Gobi Matar (cauliflower and pea curry), added a few extra steps for him (i.e. Step 1: chop up the cauliflower..) and replaced the tomatoes with tomato purée, and replaced the oil with coconut oil. The recipe is from a blog I had never visited before and proved to be a perfect level for him, thank you, Kanan.

IMG_7166He enjoyed making it so much that he texted me from school after the lesson full of excitement! His teacher thought it looked great and his dish was awarded second best in the class, the first place being given to a leek pie with gluten free pastry. He didn’t get time to fully cook the cauliflower so we put it on the hob, cooked it through and added the garam masala and coriander once it was ready.


IMG_7172I can absolutely honestly tell you that it tasted absolutely fabulous! He did such a brilliant job 🙂

I was so proud of my lovely boy, and he was so proud of himself. He now wants to cook it again and again for everyone we know! My budding chef in the making xx

Check back on Wednesday to see what the wonderful Sonal has created for this week’s ‘What would you feed me?‘ post.

Time for some goodness snacks (and how to make them!)..

2015/01/img_6873.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my goodness goodies, I make different ones every week, but don’t always share them – I don’t want anyone to get bored!!!

Last week I read two different recipes on two different blogs, one for making your own coconut butter, and one for making your own sunbutter…so that’s what I did, I made them, then used them in some bars.

To make coconut butter you literally just throw raw coconut into your nutribullet and whizz it until it becomes liquid. After a while it then solidifies and becomes butter. The same with the sunbutter – whizz up sunflower seeds with coconut oil (I used my newly made coconut butter), it liquefies then sets more solid.

2015/01/img_6922.jpgI wanted to make some goodness bars that were nut free, so the sunbutter was perfect for binding the bars. I just threw various seeds and dried fruit into a blender and chopped it all up, mixed it with the liquid sunbutter plus some extra coconut oil, then left it to set. I made some with nuts at the same time..

2015/01/img_6923.jpgI also threw together some others with a mixture of unsulphured apricots and mixed nuts, almond butter and coconut oil (more details at the end of this post)..

2015/01/img_6924.jpgI have recently discovered two new fabulous products which I used in these, Pip&Nut almond butter and Lucy Bee Coconut Oil:


2015/01/img_6891.jpgBoth very very nice products, and I’ve tried and used many and various nut butters and coconut oils, and I can tell you that these are both rather lovely! (This is my opinion as a consumer, I have not been asked/paid to write this).

There are lots and lots more versions of my goodness snacks in my recipe index, but to give you the basics of making any of these, here is what I do..

I just chuck whatever dried fruit/nuts/seeds I have or fancy into my small bowl blender and chop them up to a fair sized crumb.
Then mix a good couple of tablespoons of nut butter of your choice and coconut oil together and melt them together in the microwave, usually takes 60-90 seconds, then stir this through the mixture, mixing well through the fruit and nuts. You basically want a good coating on everything.
I then use a silicone ice cube tray, fill each cube up and press it down with the back of a spoon, then freeze for 30 mins.
Press them out and store them in the fridge.
Et voila!

Enjoy xx