Lavender and Lovage new cookbook…

I am forever in awe when one of our blog family writes a cook book, it seems like such a massive achievement to me, an investment of so much time and effort and belief…and now the lovely Karen from the equally lovely blog Lavender and Lovage has produced her first solo cookbook…and here it is, available to buy this week!

The cover design alone is beautiful!

This is not only a cookbook, it is a book full of food memories from Karen’s childhood, all the way through her life and her travels around the globe, woven between an array of recipes that have been inspired and influenced by those experiences. Karen brings those memories to life for us with her writing, and we are virtually at the table with her…

I’ve got a list of recipes I want to try, including the “auberge” marinated goats cheese (I LOVE goats cheese!)…

..the “Maghreb” chicken, apricot & chickpea tagine, full of beautiful flavours (I’ll leave out the chicken for me :)), the smoky Mexican bean soup (perfect for winter where I am!) and the Sri Lankan egg hoppers…

And that’s just the beginning!

I suggest you get the book for yourself and see what you fancy, but also to read Karen’s story…

Visit Karen’s lovely blog for more details.

18 thoughts on “Lavender and Lovage new cookbook…

  1. Loretta

    So lovely that you were able to introduce your blogger buddy and give her and her book a “thumbs up”. I don’t believe our paths have crossed, but I took a quick peek at her content and know that I will love it, as she too blogs on travel and cooking 🙂

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  2. karen278

    Thank you so much for this lovely review Elaine, it’s so kind of you to share my new book here and on FB etc. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the book and there are quite a few veggie recipes in there too! Merci encore,Karen

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  4. Laura

    A lovely book – even the cover illustration got me. Agree with you on the goats cheese Elaine – interestingly I’ve recently read a couple of books on centenarians and many of them are lifelong fans of goats dairy products!

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