Toasted rice green tea…

I drink a lot of green tea, and I’ve tried many many types and flavours, and my favourite is definitely ‘genmaicha’, a Japanese green tea with ‘genmai’ or roasted rice. The smell when you make the tea is gorgeous, and the rice adds a wonderful flavour to it. Some makes call it popcorn green tea because of how good it smells, a bit like popcorn.

As happens, a lot, I wondered about roasting the rice myself and making my own version of the tea so that I can control the amount of rice and the flavour – added to which, genmaicha tea is never the cheapest green tea to buy so why not attempt my own??

I had some roasted leaf green tea in my cupboard and thought that the toasted rice would be a nice addition to it, so I set about the Internet to see if anyone else had made their own too. I found one site with some useful information and I made my own assessment of what they’d done and made my own plan…

In a perfect world you’d use proper Japanese rice, but failing that, I used what I had: weirdly, I used Spanish paella rice. The rice is white and plump and looks a bit like a Japanese rice so why not?

I soaked the rice in lots of water for 24 hours then drained and dried it.

I then toasted it in a wide non stick pan over a medium to high heat for about 20 mins, moving it constantly. As it started to brown, I kept a really keen eye on it and didn’t leave it alone at all to ensure none of it burnt.

I then poured it into a large piece of grease proof paper to cool before testing it in my tea.

And hey presto! It works!!! It tastes great! It’s so cool!

So, if you’ve never tried it before, how about making your own genmaicha?

I’m taking my tea along to this week’s Fiesta Friday, co hosted this week by Diann and Antonia, and hope that everyone enjoys a refreshing cup of my homemade genmaicha…

UPDATE: I have now also soaked and toasted brown basmati rice which I added to loose sencha green tea – this works REALLY well. The rice smells so good and adds great flavour, and some even pop in the pan. And the sencha is a lovely smooth refreshing green tea…

31 thoughts on “Toasted rice green tea…

  1. Laura @ Feast Wisely

    Fantastic Elaine – we share a love of green tea and my favourite is also Japanese with roasted rice – I’m a sucker for paying $40 for a 250g bag – even though I know the rice means less of the good stuff from the green tea. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. petra08

    Wow! This is so inventive and it looks amazing. I have never tasted genmaicha and I realize I have been missing out! And making your own! What an amazing idea 🙂

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  3. Joseph Beech

    Have you ever tried High Mountain Oolong Tea?
    ITS THE BEST, HANDS DOWN! don’t get me wrong High quality genmaicha is sooo good but with high mountain Oolong it’s like drinking the essence of life

    it’s like if I told you i had a device , a Quantum nullifier that removed happiness out of the cutest animals , in some lab in there’s a parade of Puppies’s miniature ponies , kittens and pygmy pigs are Marching through this nullification beam within the device they experience infinite time while being fully aware , and for us it’s only a couple of seconds for them it’s Infinity they come out the other end ancient broken withered things, blind and hissing at sun , every bit of happiness and youthful rejuvinative properties sucked out of them and turned into a juice which I pour into my coffee every morning Which is why I exude Happiness and maintain my youthful complexion

    High altitude Oolong tea is the natural equivalent ,no harm to cute puppies done

    Shan Lin Si Oolong , Ali Shan Oolong are AMAZING and I speculate that if a monk sipped some Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong tea He would reach Enlightement

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  4. FrugalHausfrau

    I have never heard of this, but it sounds fun. I use a toasted rice powder in my larb, which is Vietnamese but this is now another thing to think about. I wonder how many toasted rice dishes there are!

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