Moroccan spiced carrots, chickpeas and spelt…

It’s no secret that I love autumn, I love everything about it: the cooler temperatures, the beautiful colours, the changing leaves, the abundance of root vegetables…I didn’t mean to make something that almost epitomises autumn in a bowl, but that’s how it ended up! Maybe it’s just in my soul?!

In the beginning it was going to be a soup, but I can’t always bring myself to blend up the vegetables, they look too good whole, so this morphed into something else, not really a stew because it’s not very liquid, maybe a warm salad, or just as the title of the post says: ‘Moroccan spiced carrots, chickpeas and spelt’. I just kept adding things until I thought it was perfect!

I didn’t measure anything but I do remember how I made it so hopefully I can still share the process and it might be interesting…

In a large saucepan I heated some coconut oil, and added some chopped red onions over a medium heat; after several minutes and once the onions looked liked they were starting to brown, I added chopped garlic, cooked for a minute, then added liberal amounts of a Moroccan spice mix that I made previously. 

Again I cooked this for no more than a minute then added water to stop the spices from burning. I then added a great pile of peeled and chopped carrots, topped up the water until it covered them, added salt and pepper, then brought it to the boil. As the carrots cooked, I added some spelt, then later some chickpeas and chunks of butternut squash that I’d already roasted, chopped coriander (leaves and stalks) and finally some dried barberries for the colour and little surprise shots of their tart sweetness. 

And pretty much left it to bubble away until the carrots were cooked, but not mushy, and the spelt was cooked, adding water when necessary. 

Eating some with some tahini, as I did when it was just made above, you can still see the lovely colours of the individual ingredients. 

By the next day, the flavour had developed even more but the colours had all merged together and become one autumnal palette..

It’s the kind of dish that just gets better and better, and one I’ll be making again and again, and no doubt evolving as I do!

Happy Autumn everyone 🙂

37 thoughts on “Moroccan spiced carrots, chickpeas and spelt…

  1. sallybr

    I would love autumn more if it came before summer, but unfortunately , it’s not the case…

    so nothing better than a recipe like yours to brighten up the day with fall colors, so gorgeous!

    gotta dance to the music!

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  2. Eha

    You ‘had’ me at ‘Morocco’, ‘spices’ and ‘spelt’ . . . fun combo which will be made in spite of having reached 35+ C in our spring already! Actually most of us here love both autumn and winter – easy when the lowest temperatures most of us encounter are -1 or -2 C very early in the morning !!! Except in our Alps snow is a rarity present in a few areas only which children adore and which stays on the ground perchance an hour or two 🙂 !

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  3. Anita Kushwaha

    Oh my gosh, I could eat this all season long. We’ve been making big batches of veggie stew lately. Daniel has a really great recipe that I crave. HE was good enough to make some this weekend. I’ve got to try this one! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. miakouppa

    This looks so good…and reminds me of a meal we had when in Morocco for our honeymoon. The food was simply amazing there! So much so that I had my new husband carry a large tagine across the rest of our trip. Love! 😉

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