Kitchen cupboard dip…one of my best dips ever!!!! 

I have recently been challenging myself not to buy any more ‘ingredients’…! I literally have enough stocks to supply the whole street for a week in spices, dried chillies, jars of chickpeas, dried legumes, tubs of tahini, grains, oils, passata…you get the idea….!

So, I’ve been focussing on only buying fresh produce, and even then being more focussed on what I buy, whilst challenging myself to cook dishes from the cupboard and freezer. Which is how this dip was created…

It started off as a lunch dish..

This is a concoction of dried onions, chickpeas, red pepper paste and a Moroccan spice mix, all from my cupboard. 
I have the dried onion pieces in the cupboard to use in spice mixes, I’ve never used them in a dish before, so this was an experiment.

I started off by heating some coconut oil in a pan, then adding copious amounts of the dried onions and cooking them for a few minutes; I then added a good amount of the spice mix (details below), and cooked the onions and spices together for a minute or so; I then added a small amount of water to hydrate and soften the onions. I then added some drained and washed chickpeas, and a couple of tablespoons of Turkish red pepper paste and stirred it all together, and cooked it until I was happy with the outcome..

I ate a portion with a sauce of plain yoghurt, olive oil and lemon juice..

And it was very tasty!
And of course, there was leftovers…lovely, lovely leftovers 😀😀😀

And it was these leftovers that I blended with some tahini, lemon juice and splash of water to create one of the best dips I’ve ever made – and as most of you know, I’ve made, and make, a LOT of dips! 

Having blended the dip together, it was immediately tatsy, but even better the next day once it had had time for the flavours to develop..

What a great outcome!

The spice mix was one I put together after seeing a post from someone I follow on Instagram called ‘thecinnaman’ and includes ginger, coriander, chilli powder, red pepper flakes, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, mace, nutmeg, cardamom, fennel seeds, anise seeds, fenugreek seeds, cloves, cayenne pepper and bay leaves. The anise seeds, fennel seeds and bay leaves are lightly roasted the  it’s all ground together. It’s a lovely mix that I’ve already used in various ways. 

Happy Wednesday!

45 thoughts on “Kitchen cupboard dip…one of my best dips ever!!!! 

  1. Eha

    Have to try and concoct this spice mix ’cause fenugreek and anise seeds are in none of mine. Oh I love whizzing up mixtures like this: mostly use them on flatbreads and wholegrain toast as spreads. . .

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  3. polianthus

    Love the bowl, love the what inside, and you made me laugh, you sound like goldilocks (I had a bowl with yoghurt) and then the story goes on…Amazing, Cinnaman, I do need an instagram account dont I annoying. Also I need that spice mix, doubly annoying, I am putting it on my Xmas stocking wish list…maybe father Xmas will be willing to give me some!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. polianthus

        well – not unless you are volunteering to be father Xmas and put it in my stocking..:) – I was thinking of leaving a list on Mr Polianthus desk and motivating him to make it for me, who knows, pigs may yet fly and wilder things have happened.

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  4. sallybr

    Scrumptious! And what I love the most is your move to use what you have in the pantry – I feel SOOOO guilty about it, I do have a ton of stuff that should be put to good use. I keep telling myself I’ll be more diligent about it, but… life interferes. Oh, well – I have a ton of good intentions, and your good example to push me into the light!

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  5. petra08

    I love to cook from what I have at home but I am not sure it ever turns out this tasty! The chickpeas looks great and you make such clever use of your leftovers! And I love dips!:)

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  7. marymtf

    Very creative. My pantry isn’t as interesting as yours is. I’ll have to drop in to my nearest grocery shop to get those ingredients. All except the chic peas (love them). Two mix and match ideas. And yummy. I like that.

    Liked by 1 person

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