Beetroot…three ways…

Having purchased a bunch of fresh beetroot to make my pickled turnips (previous post) I then had several left to use…the followed dishes therefore include raw, boiled (as in the salad above) and roasted beetroot…

When using beetroot, in all forms, I would advise: ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES!!!

The raw beetroot went into flatbreads; I washed the skin then grated a beetroot and put it into a food processor along with a selection of spices, some rapeseed oil, chapati flour and a splash of water, and processed it until it created a ‘dough’…

I brought it together by feel, it didn’t need much water at all. I then left it in the fridge to rest until I wanted to use it…

To make the breads, with floured hands, I took a handful of the dough, and flattened it into a flatbread, not too thin and not too thick, ready to cook. I heated my ‘tawa’ pan over a medium heat, then cooked the breads on both sides for several minutes, until cooked through. The breads remain quite moist, and are a perfect way to get kids eating beetroot, as well as us lucky adults! 

They are lovely eaten fresh, and reheat well the next day in the toaster. 

To boil the beetroot, I removed the top and bottom stalky bits, then chopped the beetroots into wedges and boiled until soft, but not mushy. Once cooked I drained them and allowed the wedges to cool slightly, then peeled off the skin, it comes off really easily with your hands. Some of these went into salads and dips, and some I then roasted for an extra punch. 

I find beetroot quite sweet, so I tend to pair it with lemon juice or preserved lemons, or goats cheese, ingredients that will help to even out the sweetness. 

This dip was a mix of boiled beetroot, tahini, lemon juice and chopped preserved lemons, mashed so that it remained chunky. 

This salad used the boiled and roasted beetroot mixed with chopped parsley and dill, chopped preserved lemons, whole roasted hazelnuts and a dressing of Verjus and argan oil. 

And similar to the previous one, this salad includes still warm boiled beetroot, chopped parsley & dill, my chermoula spice mix, labneh, crushed hazelnuts and olive oil. With the beetroot being warm it made it all lovely and a bit gluggy 😉 

I hope you like my beetroot creations – I shall be taking them along to this week’s Fiesta Friday (better late than never!) and hope that everyone likes my ideas, especially the co hosts, Loretta and Natalie. Enjoy your weekend! 

34 thoughts on “Beetroot…three ways…

  1. Loretta

    Look at the array of dishes you’ve produced from your beets. I don’t believe I’m as innovative as you in the veggie department. I must say though, I’ve enjoyed the fresh beets from the garden where I volunteer. I hadn’t realized how easy they were to grow too. Love your beet chapatis :). I’m impressed that you have a tawa too. Nice work as always Elaine, thanks for bringing all your concoctions to Fiesta Friday and providing us with such great ideas! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eha

    Love beetroot – grew up on them in Europe as borsht or in pickled form. But those flatbreads are absolutely amazing and so easy to make [with gloves on 🙂 !] that they will be tried soonest . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cookandenjoyrecipes

    Yummyness – You have done a great job with the beetroot – just love it. Incredible blog you have, so I will be following your blog and would like to know if you may be interested to be a Guest poster with us, and share some of your awesome recipes on our blog?

    Have a look at: and leave me a note in the comments of this post, with a link to your recipe, if you’re interested. That will be just fantastic. Hope to hear from you soon 😊

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  4. sallybr

    Elaine, you are simply the most creative person with veggies. Ever!

    I absolutely LOVE that you incorporated beets into a flatbread… I mean, it’s genius, and it’s daring, and well, you prove it works! Look at that beauty!

    Phil is the anti-beet guy, but I bet he would wolf down the flat breads without complaining… (good tip on the gloves, I should remember that when making macarons and using purple food coloring….) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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