Super simple salad…

When life gives you fresh ripe tasty tomatoes….make this!!! 

This simple tasty salad is based on fattoush (and it’s cousin panzanella, depending on where you come from) and is a current favourite of mine…the best bit is the twist at the end…

Chop/slice as many tomatoes as you like, and as many red onions as you like, and mix with some handfuls of chopped flat leaf parsley; sprinkle with salt, and then sprinkle LIBERALLY with sumac and mix them through; drizzle with lemon juice, and then drench with olive oil…

Note: sumac has a citrus flavour, so you can leave out the lemon juice and just use plenty of olive oil on its own if you wish.

Mix it all well and leave it aside for at least half an hour if you can before serving – I prefer to leave mine out of the fridge, I think the flavours are better.

In the meantime, toast khobez/Arabic bread or pita bread in a toaster or in the oven; once nice and toasty and crunchy, break the breads into pieces and leave to cool. I have bags of toasted Arabic bread in the freezer for such an occasion. If you really want to do it properly, fry the bread in broken pieces in oil or ghee, it tastes amazing! For me, I just toast it minus the oil. 

When you’re ready to serve the salad, give it all another good mix up, then add the bread. Mix some through the salad, and arrange some on the top…

The bread soaks up the juices and dressing and tastes so good!!! 

Of course, the salad is also lovely without the bread too – the choice is yours! 

43 thoughts on “Super simple salad…

  1. FarmerFi

    This looks delicious, hadn’t thought of adding bread to salads like this. And I bought my first jar of sumac the other day, it’s sitting on the counter while I’ve been wondering what to do with it! Thanks 🙂

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  3. sallybr

    The bread definitely takes this salad to another level! Make it a complete meal, satisfying and flavorful….

    I like when the bread gets just a little soft with the dressing, not soggy, just right!

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  4. Eha

    Delicious! Even if the comment is somewhat late: what can one do about total outages even THEY cannot explain!!!! Especially in the summer months love to make panzanella or fattoush or other name rightfully its, for lunch and dinner! Yours is done absolutely my way . . .

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