A meal for any time of the day…

This was a meal from during the week that I enjoyed preparing, eating and looking at!! Leftovers at their best!

Sweet potato slices (roasted and leftover from the previous day), topped with avocado, a mixed herbs salsa, a citrus tahini sauce, and sprinkled with chilli flakes…

Pretty, healthy, tasty food! 

30 thoughts on “A meal for any time of the day…

  1. sallybr

    scrumtious as always!

    I ve been trying to do sweet potato toasts” in a toaster oven but so far my timing is not perfect. Apparently if you slice it right and your toaster is powerful it works great and super quick to put together as a meal….

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      1. sallybr

        sorry for the typo – I should not leave comments while in the passenger seat and typing on the cell phone… we are home! getting the two pups in an hour or so 😉

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      2. Eha

        Sally – Unless things have changed for you since your last post there has been an interesting canine introduction twixt you texting and my commenting! Do hope all went well . . .


  2. Eha

    This is the kind of stuff that I regularly have with great enjoyment for breakfast – but you have given me extra ideas with that herb salsa . . . . am not too bright in the early morning, but shall try!

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