Rose harissa spiced chunky homous…

I’ve been playing in my kitchen…nothing new there, I know… 🙂 

Last week I made up various fresh spice mixes including my rose harissa spice mix

I love it for how it smells as much for how it tastes, and the rose petals are just beautiful…

I will use it in all sorts of dishes and the first experiment was this one…a chunky homous…

Typically homous is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and maybe some water if necessary – this is my holy grail homous recipe – I made this version with chickpeas, tahini, my rose harissa spice mix and Verjus. I also kept it pretty rustic as opposed to blending it to completely smooth…(as homous means chickpeas in Arabic I think I can still call this homous 😉 ) 

With the use of Verjus instead of lemon juice, plus the spice mix, it created a lovely warm, mellow flavour…

A nice experiment and always lovely using the dried rose petals 🙂 

34 thoughts on “Rose harissa spiced chunky homous…

  1. Nancy

    I must agree with Johanne… This is absolutely stunning, Elaine! You’ve taken a quite plain and humble dish to an extraordinary delight. Beautiful photos too! I can only imagine the harissa takes it to a whole new level of palate happiness! Bravo- take a bow! 🤗

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  2. Loretta

    Oh what a bright and beautiful post Elaine. Those rosebuds and petals look amazing, it adds so much color to the dish too. Your hummus would be a great treat with all those spices, I’d love to dig in there with some nice veggie sticks.

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  3. sallybr

    You are way ahead in the Verjus game! I need to catch up! I actually found a recipe for an apple cake using it in a glaze, but it called for ONE CUP of Verjus… NO WAY! I am very protective of it, as you can imagine… I need to make that bottle last, it almost broke my budget! 😉

    beautiful post as usual – your food is enticing, always!

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