Oven baked artichokes..

Recently, the lovely Susan shared a post about roasting a whole artichoke; they were studded with garlic and sprinkled with fennel seeds and looked fab; add to the fact that every food magazine has recently included all sorts of recipes including artichokes, I decided it was time to get involved…

I have vivid memories of eating artichokes as a child, my Mum poached whole artichokes in white wine, water and garlic, following a very French theme. It evokes very happy memories for me, I remember loving scraping the artichoke ‘meat’ off the leaves and enjoying the prize: the artichoke heart. So when I saw Susan’s post, and how simply she roasted her artichokes, I decided to try it out. 

My fabulous local market had artichokes available on my recent visit so this weekend it was all systems go – do check out Susan’s post for full details of how to roast your artichokes. The only thing I did differently was drizzle some olive oil over mine, otherwise I followed Susan’s recipe.

And it was a great success! The leaves came away easily and the flavours had infiltrated through the whole artichoke πŸ™‚And of course, they’re so pretty, it’s like eating flowers…give it a go!

Enjoy xx


24 thoughts on “Oven baked artichokes..

  1. sallybr

    what a gorgeous series of photos! indeed it’s like eating a flower…. I often wonder who was the first to decide that artichokes were edible, because wow, one has to fight hard to get to the tasty core! πŸ˜‰ Near my parents’ home in Sao Paulo there is an Italian restaurant that is very popular in the neighborhood. The stuffed artichoke was prepared by a 90 year old lady, and according to many it was the best ever. She passed away two years ago, but whenever I see a beautiful artichoke I think of her and her incredible energy until the very last days of her life…

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      I’m glad you bring back good memories for you too xx
      I often think the same thing, when and why and how did someone decide to try and eat an artichoke??? Like so many fruit and vegetables really…!

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  2. Sophie33

    What fabulous tasty inviting photos, my dear friend! Woehoe!
    I never roasted a whole artichoke before but you made it look so easy. And it also looks fantastic, if we could smell it through our computers,…that would be awesome! xxx It looks very yum yum! x

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