Making your recipes..

 Me cooking cauliflower is nothing new, you’ve seen me share many cauliflower recipes, and I roast cauliflower several times a week, but when I saw Lizs post including her pan roasted cauliflower steaks, I knew it would become a new way of cooking cauliflower in my kitchen. I’ve pan cooked cauliflower before, but not as whole ‘steaks’ like this and it was great – and so pretty! 

I enjoyed it with some lovely creamy homous – again, something I make regularly, but this time, I followed Jhuls ‘easy microwave homous’. This was a new method for me to try and involves peeling the chickpeas first, which was fine, except that the tin that I opened held the smallest (and most yellow!) chickpeas I have ever seen!!!! So of course, there was loads of them! But peel them I then microwave them briefly, which shows up just how many skins you’ve missed, and so the peeling continues…

  The method generates a lovely creamy dip and I’m so glad I tried it, and definely recommend it. 

I also served it with sprinkled sumac, toasted flaked almonds and chopped parsley. 

I also made a new spice mix recently; I follow Tanvee on Instagram and her lovely blog, and she told me about Kitchen King Masala, a spice mix used widely in India. You know me, I always like a new spice mix, and I loved making this one too..

 All ready to toast..

I ground this all up and have been using it ever since ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I have also made the Cajun spice mix from Mollies blog, which the blogs have liked on their chicken and in their quesadillas. And Andreas honey chipotle chicken, another winner with the boys – and eaten far too quickly for me to photograph. Trupti’s spinach dal was also very tasty – but again, no photo, sorry!! Visit Trupti’s blog for the details. 

And finally…more stuffed baby aubergines, this time following Prachi’s recipe..I experimented with purple baby aubergines and little green round Thai aubergines.. 

 Going in


 Coming out (they never look as pretty but they sure taste good!) 

 Such great flavours ๐Ÿ™‚  

Pictured here with some of an aubergine quinoa bake I recently devised (more about soon). 

I do love making so many of your recipes – thank you for the inspiration x 

50 thoughts on “Making your recipes..

  1. Hilda

    Lovely recipes as always. As I was reading your recipe for cauliflower, I though “I would add sumac” and then saw you did. So I can’t improve on it after all. If you want to peel chick peas easily, use dried ones, soak them in water. Then put them in a tea towel and roll them with a roller. Put them back in the water and most of the peels will just float to the top – then skim them off. Maybe you have done that already, but thought I’d add it anyway.

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  2. apuginthekitchen

    Delicious Elaine, I love the spice mix, it looks incredible. The hummus though, peeling each chickpea must take a long time. I have to look at Jhuls recipe, I do love the idea of a super creamy hummus and seem to remember something from Ottolenghi about that. Everything looks delicious, those aubergine make me drool.

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Peeling the chickpeas did take a while, but it wasn’t helped by the fact that there were so many of them in that particular tin!!! Jhuls suggests sitting in front of the telly and doing it…probably a good plan!!
      Thank you xx


  3. Gretchen

    It all looks delicious. We also like cauliflower steaks and they definitely present well on the table. Sean just picked out an eggplant at the market, I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

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  4. forkwardthinkingfoodinista

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