My falafel mix experiments for Suzanne…

What do these three dishes all have in common….?

The title of the post no doubt gives it away:

they all utilise my homemade falafel mix, which is the basis of a guest post I put together for the lovely Suzanne from ‘A Pug in the Kitchen’…do pop over today and check it out. I hope you like it 🙂 

And whilst you’re at it, if you don’t already know Suzanne and her blog, have a good look around: she’s an amazing cook!! I am currently particularly coveting her beautiful tart…x

40 thoughts on “My falafel mix experiments for Suzanne…

  1. skd

    Just came back from Suzanne. Simply loved the creative ways you used Falafel mix. The best part is you baked the falafel patties and they look absolutely fab. I just told Suzanne I was hesitant to make falafel lest they turn out dry and hard. But since they are Elaine certified I know the recipe must be foolproof and awesome 👍☺

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  2. sallybr

    oh, what a great guest post that was! Your photo at the beginning was the best part! Actually, I think it is a tie, your photo and the recipe win first prize! 😉

    now, maybe you should know that there is no recipe for falafel in my blog. What I should tell you is that I DID make falafel once and it was one of the biggest disasters ever! I actually made the fried version and they turned into burned crumbs. Pathetic. I love falafel but never had the nerve to try again. NOw that I see your post, I am tempted. Plus, what a gorgeous falafel press you have! Maybe I “need” one… 😉

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Thank you…I keep checking the post to see if there’s any new comments to respond to and being faced with that photo of myself and going ‘oh look, it’s me!’
      Maybe you do need a falafel press…? Just to have one, even if you never use it!!
      I wonder why your falafels broke up? Maybe the oil was too hot? Did you use cooked or raw chickpeas in the mix?


      1. sallybr

        YOu know, I don’t remember anymore what I used – I was making it with a friend, she brought the recipe – I think the problem is that it did not bind enough – when I put it in the oil, the whole thing kept turning into a mess – burns quickly too then… it was a nightmare but we had a great laugh about it, and I think we ended up having just appetizers for our meal but it was fine 😉

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