Lunch anyone? Cauliflower rice with quinoa & green goodness sauce..

 My Instagram account is littered with photos of the various meals I make for my lunch, which is what this lovely plateful of food was. I don’t eat sandwiches, or anything bread based that might typically be considered ‘lunch’ food, hence why my lunches might seem quite colourful; as with everything I eat, I make myself healthy, tasty lunches, packed full of flavour and spices and goodness, and this was no different..

I hadn’t made any ‘cauliflower rice’ for a while so this was a bit of a change, thrown together with some cooked quinoa and some of my favourites green goodness sauce, it was a plate of fabulous…served on a fabulous plate

Cauliflower rice is made by chopping fresh cauliflower into florets, then chopping the florets up in a blender until the cauliflower resembles ‘rice’. You end up having to keep taking the lid off the blender and scraping the sides done to achieve this, plus it’s best not to overfill the blender and to do it in batches. 

If you end up with far more ‘rice’ than you wanted, as the cauliflower does break down to a huge pile of ‘rice’, you can store it in a sealed container in the fridge for a couple of days.

I then tend to fry my cauliflower rice in a wide bottom pan with some coconut oil and any chosen garlic and/or spices. This time I added the cooked quinoa because I had some to use up and it added protein to the dish. 

Eaten with the sauce – which is packed full of coriander, garlic, gingers, spices, tamarind and (on this occasion) coconut milk – it was a healthy, tasty, lovely lunch. 

And I even licked the plate! 

I’ve made cauliflower rice before with turmeric, coconut and black garlic, and on the same week as I made this, Judy also experimented with cauliflower rice – these may just give you some other ideas for yours. 


60 thoughts on “Lunch anyone? Cauliflower rice with quinoa & green goodness sauce..

  1. sallybr

    Lovely as usual! You know, I once saw this “tip” about processing the cauliflower in a high speed blender with water. Then you are supposed to drain it and have perfect cauli-rice with no hassle. I was very optimistic but it was a complete mess and failure. I now use the food processor in batches if necessary. I also freeze the processed cauliflower and find out that it keeps very well frozen, in small portions. It de-frosts quickly and I can move on with the prep I want.

    Great lunch, made me hungry and it’s too early for that 😉

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      1. sallybr

        It was just not efficient at all, and the shape of the blender just made tiny bis of cauliflower glue all over the sides – I tried to retrieve the article in which I found it described, but could not. Maybe it was operator error, I don’t know… sounded great, but in practice pretty messy indeed

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    Great – some new cauliflower rice recipes to try. I like the addition of quinoa. Thanks for the mention Elaine 🙂 I am actually making a cauliflower pizza crust today and I will kick it up a notch by using my own pizza sauce and caramelized onions. Can’t wait for lunch 🙂

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  3. Loretta

    Great Elaine, love that sauce, all the ingredients I live by 🙂 Yes, I did bookmark Judi’s recipe a while back on the cauliflower rice, I’ve yet to try it, so now I have 2 to test 🙂

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  4. Life Diet Health

    What a delicious sounding (& looking) lunch! If only the boys would eat cauliflower rice! Oh well… they eat buffalo cauliflower so maybe one day! 🙂 Loving the green sauce – question: does your coyo change in consistency? I have a pot in the fridge which I can put a spoon in and turn upside down… spoon stays put?

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Thank you 🙂 it’s often touted as a low carb alternative to rice, I just made it because I fancied it. Like rice you can add whatever flavours you like to it, it a good plain base and takes flavours well xx

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  5. Gretchen

    My favorite lunches are thrown together with whatever is leftover in the fridge! This looks fantastic, I still have yet to make cauliflower rice. I usually just roast it, though I’m sure the boys would be thrilled with the rice version.

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