Another sourdough loaf in pictures…

 Last weekend I put together two sourdoughs and, just like the other loaf, I photographed the process of this one too so I thought I’d share it…

This one is a mix of strong white, kamut/Khorason and spelt flours, with added pumpkin seeds and linseeds/flaxseeds. I put the dough together initially on Friday morning.

and so it began to come alive.. this was at 9.30am.. this was the growth by 1.00pm.

and then at 5.30pm.

I then folded the dough several times and covered it and put it in the fridge to slow the proving. Yesterday (Tuesday) morning it had grown again whilst in the fridge..

7.00am on Tuesday.

I knocked it back and folded it a few times then placed it into a floured banneton to come to room temperate and prove for one last time..

 By midday it had grown again and was ready to bake..

 I heated the oven to 250C then carefully tipped the dough into my enamel roaster..
 And slashed the dough..

Once the oven was up to temperature, I turned the heat down to 220C, put the lid on the roaster and cooked it for 45 minutes with the lid on, and 5 minutes without.. 

The dough spread more than rose as it baked, but the flavour and texture was GOOD! It’s quite chewy and the seeds are lovely, and it’s seriously sour – my mouth is still sore a day later! 
  My lovely boy has eaten 8 slices of this loaf today, I do love that he enjoys sourdough, it adds to the joy of making it. His mouth isn’t sore like mine though luckily 😉

Happy Wednesday! 


39 thoughts on “Another sourdough loaf in pictures…

  1. Gerard Villanueva

    That looks flavor packed with every bite! Do you ever have a problem with the dough sticking to banneton while it’s proofing? It has happened to me. The dough was very wet and I didn’t dust with enough flour. I usually line the banneton with a flour dusted kitchen cloth.
    Nice lame!

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  2. sallybr

    Your son ate 8 slices? I’ve always knew you were bringing him up to be a wonderful man, but this is final proof! 😉

    gorgeous crumb, sourdough is so much fun! And to think we both have sourdough breads on our front page at the same time…. how cool is that? 😉

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  3. Master of Something Yet

    Another beautiful and delicious looking loaf.
    With a couple of days off work and a forecast of only 20C, I took some starter out of the fridge last night for another crack at the sourdough. Eventually, I hope to make it more interesting with lovely seeds, etc but for now I just want to get the technique right. 🙂 (The starter is already looking so much more vigorous than it did in the early days. 🙂 )

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      1. Master of Something Yet

        Update: I’m getting there. 🙂 I got a bit impatient, used the starter a bit earlier than I meant to (it’s much better today) and I didn’t let it rise quite enough in the tins. Still looks good, though (just a bit smaller than I was trying for). 🙂

        Just about to do another batch for some fruit bread. 🙂

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Hi Liz, I had made two lots of dough and I had baked the other one so kept this one until I was ready to bake another loaf. Sometimes I purposely prove the dough for longer and other times bake it sooner, but the longer prove does enhance the flavour 🙂


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