Food ideas from my kitchen..

 This weekend I revisited one of my own recipes and made some roasted cumin wholemeal spelt flatbreads, this time with some nigella seeds and some fine semolina to replace some of the flour..

What I loved was that I used a patterned bowl to prove the dough and you can see by the lovely pattern on the beautiful bowl a special friend gifted to me just how much it grew within an hour! And how much the light had faded!! 

See what I mean? You think the photo is just taken at a closer point but it isn’t! 
  We ate these with a meal of dips and roasted vegetables, and kebabs for my boys, on Saturday night, and I used the leftovers as pizza bases on Sunday night.. 

Below was my Sunday brunch…leftover roasted cubes of sweet potato cooked with my homemade chipotle en adobe sauce, nestled round two lovely eggs.. 


Sunday afternoon I made a version of refried beans..

I had already soaked and cooked some black turtle beans; I then finely chopped a red onion and some garlic, and cooked both in olive oil; I added cumin, smoked paprika, salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper; I then added the beans and started to mash them, adding a bit of water as necessary. This plateful was Monday’s lunch, using up the rest of the sweet potato, adding some roasted garlic and a big spoonful of the refried beans..

Check out the beautiful handmade plate! 

I love manaeesh, middle eastern flatbreads baked with a with za’atar and olive oil topping; this was my quick version on Friday evening, using a couple of tortillas as the base..
And finally some roasted vegetables for your delectation..peeled and chopped and mixed with olive oil and za’atar and roasted…big fat yum!!! 
They never look as pretty once they’re cooked, but boy did they taste good!

The next day I blitzed the leftovers with some tahini and lemon juice and made a very tasty dip. 

70 thoughts on “Food ideas from my kitchen..

      1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

        Perfect! In Lebanon they will spread olive oil and za’atar on a flatbread and roll it up for breakfast. They consider za’atar ‘brain food’ so like to give this to children to start the day well 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. sallybr

    As you might suspect, I loved it ALL, but the bowl… the bowl left me mesmerized…. it is simply a stunning piece of pottery…

    I never thought of placing bread to rise inside something with a pattern, so I had a big “palm to the forehead” moment….

    now to find a bowl 1/10 as beautiful as yours…. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      I hope it was a clean ‘palm to the forehead’?!
      It’s a beautiful big Moroccan patterned bowl that I was given as a surprise gift, it is lovely isn’t it? To be honest, I grabbed it as it was the only one to hand but it proved to be a perfect way to see how much the dough had grown 🙂



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