Making your recipes…Persian baked rice, Algerian spiced aubergines and spelt & rye sourdough bread..


I utilise so many of your recipes and ideas and sometimes I remember to let everyone know…like today!! 

So, firstly, I introduce to you: spelt and rye sourdough bread from Ginger and’s a seeded loaf and I didn’t have the same seeds as Ginger so I used poppy seeds, sesame seeds and roasted hemp seeds and it was still fab! 
  The bread was so good and kept well, I ate it over several days. 

And I thoroughly enjoyed it with Linda’s Mchermla Batendjel..this spiced aubergine dish is pure joy for me, eaten hot or cold, it’s so good. I really wanted to try it cold as Linda suggests, but I really had to force myself to stop eating it whilst it was still hot to be able to do so!

  Eat it on its own, with bread, or with any cooked grains, it will be good. 

I have many special memories of eating Persian rice, I was introduced to it by a dear friend, Bahy, in Dubai nearly 30 years ago. It was Bahy that introduced me to so many of the flavours that I love and when I saw Fae’s recipe for this cabbage rice with the wonderful ‘tahdig’ crust, I knew I had to make it (I made the vegetarian option) and rekindle those memories. 

I LOVED it!! And my boys enjoyed it too which made me even happier 🙂 

It’s a big dish, and I made the full quantity and in the end I ate it across three kept really well and it reheated well and the crust crunched up again after a few minutes in a hot oven. 

I also indulged in the tip that I always remembered from Bahy and added some butter to my warm rice, it is heavenly! Try it!!!! 


  I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of your recipes from my kitchen. I also recently made the masala sauce from Shailja’s post but I don’t have any photos, I can tell you it was tasty though 🙂 

Have fun in your kitchen! 


43 thoughts on “Making your recipes…Persian baked rice, Algerian spiced aubergines and spelt & rye sourdough bread..

  1. skd

    I remeber all these lovely dishes Elaine. You have done a wonderful job in recreating them. Love each and every one of the dishes. They deserved individual posts. Linda’s aubergine recipe hadn’t gotten out of my mind and you have recasted the spell on me. I think I need to try it right now 🙂

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  2. sallybr

    I would be happy enjoying a little bit of each…. just double on the rice, because it’s a recipe I’ve never made myself, but used to enjoy at a certain Persian restaurant in Palo Alto a couple of decades ago…. great food, great memories!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fae's Twist & Tango

    Hola from Barcelona! 🙂 I have very limited time, but could not wait to comment on your post. Beautiful, delicious creations, and thank you for the mention. I am so glad you and your family liked the recipe, and your’s is perfect. I will link this page to my post as soon as it is feasible. 🙂

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  4. petra08

    What a bread! Wow! It looks and sounds delicious. I don’t know where to start with the aubergine, it looks soooo good! The rice looks perfect with the dish and what a treat! 🙂

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  5. Loretta

    Isn’t that the beauty of blogging? We get to try all these different recipes that we’d not ordinarily have come across. Love the loaf with the eggplant, I can actually taste it whilst I’m reading the ingredients, and what can I say about Fae’s wonderful rice dish? Super all around 🙂

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