Liquid gold: roasted pine nut butter..

 As my brain twists and turns through the day, I am forever pondering new food ideas; I look in my actual kitchen cupboards and I look in the virtual kitchen cupboards inside my head and ponder new concoctions, and ways to push recipes and ingredients and classical food ideas; I have great fun in this world inside my head and even greater fun when I then try things out for real; not everything works out as you expect, which usually that just leads to a different outcome, nothing is ever a failure. 

And some things work wonderfully first time. This was one of them.. 

Making your own nut butters is so simple, if you have the time, inclination and machinery. Since Mum presented me with a Nutribullet last year, making nut butters has become a breeze, it does such a good and fast job. You can make cashew butter in seconds! Some harder nuts take a bit more time and some patience, but in the end they ‘give’ and it’s always worth it. 

After playing around with hemp seeds so much recently, I turned my attention to pine nuts. I prefer everything roasted so I had already roasted my pine nuts before throwing them in the Nutribullet with its ‘milling’ blade tool and whizzed it up to see what happens..

Yes. Liquid Gold. And not just because pine nuts can be expensive πŸ˜‰ 

They make a lovely rich butter, truly heavenly. Just grab a spoon and dig in and I challenge you not to sigh with joy..bliss on a spoon…


30 thoughts on “Liquid gold: roasted pine nut butter..

    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Wow! That is expensive! I’m not sure what it works out at here, but yes, they’re not cheap. I found some in my local Asian supermarket recently though that didn’t seem quite as extortionate πŸ™‚

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