In My memory..

This month’s ‘In My Kitchen’ blog sharing, hosted by the wonderful Celia, is honouring and remembering Selma; Selma was an avid supporter of IMK and had become a great friend of Celia’s, and it was Selma that brought me to the monthly event. Do visit Celia’s post and find lots of other people’s IMK posts in the comments and enjoy the community that Selma enjoyed and valued so much.

It was also Selma who brought sourdough bread baking into my life and my intention was to make a loaf in her memory for this month’s post, however, with the weather we’ve been having in the UK my starter is behaving erratically and I’m not yet competent enough to make a successful loaf with it!!! I will do so as soon as it gets cooler and less humid.

I have, however, been remembering my lovely friend, every single day, in so many ways, and missing her greatly. I have been enjoying making several of her recipes and will be continuing to work through her wonderful repertoire over the coming months and feeling that she is with me in my kitchen…so far, Selma’s sweet potato, courgette and paneer fritters, chermoula spiced aubergine wedges and romanesco, feta and za’atar cakes have been very very tasty.. 

 So, in my kitchen this month..
  Is this wonderful fruity green tea which I was sent from France by my lovely friend Laura from The Veggy Side of Me. It smells beautiful and has wonderful red currants in amongst the tea leaves.

It also gave me the perfect reason to buy this fabulous teapot. It’s a Japanese pot, made of cast iron (it’s really heavy) and keeps the tea warm for a long time. I’ve wanted a tea pot with an inbuilt strainer for a long time and I love this one.

In my kitchen is this antique blotter book; the front and back cover are wooden and it’s bound together with fabric. I love the pages with their blotted words, they create such interesting patterns, virtual stories..

   In my kitchen are these packs of fresh yeast from a Polish supermarket in my local town, it’s such an interesting shop. It was my first time visiting and won’t be my last. The yeast is great and has behaved well so far πŸ™‚ 

 In my kitchen is this selection of gorgeous African and Middle Eastern spices sent to me by the lovely people at Spice Kitchen UK. I can’t wait to try them, the parcel smelt amazing! 

Also in the parcel was these examples of their new handmade hand thrown pottery: a chai tea cup and a little chutney bowl..I just love the colours!

In my kitchen this month has been lots of hemp seeds; I’ve toasted them and made dressings out of them and butter and dips and dukkah…it’s been good fun.. 


I hope you’ve had a good month and are enjoying August so far πŸ™‚ 


59 thoughts on “In My memory..

  1. platedujour

    My goodness Elaine, it looks like a pretty busy kitchen!! I love the pottery and spices, but most of all I want that book!! Where did you get it?? It looks beautiful, and the color of this cover is perfect! I hope you’re enjoying your time with family- I’m still at home but I enjoy the summer while planning on my holidays in September. Hugs my dearest xxx

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  2. skd

    Beautiful post Elaine and heart touching too. I know you must be missing Selma. But you chose to remember her in a befitting way. May God bless her.
    Your kitchen is lovely. I am so much in love with your tea set. And I am an avid Green tea drinker. This fruity version looks appealing. All the best with your starter. We can’t wait to see some lovely loaves from your kitchen. Cheer up and take careπŸ’•

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    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I do miss her, every day, there’s things I want to tell her and ask her and share with her…I feel so much that she is still with us in our blog world and cooking her recipes keeps her close. I still struggle to register that she’s really gone xx

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      1. skd

        I know it must be really hard on you dear as you have been very close to her. I pray that God gives you and her family strength to overcome this loss.

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  3. Debi @ My Kitchen Witch

    A lovely tribute to Selma. Love that lime green tea pot. And, as usual, you’ve been busy! I imagine you scouring both the internet and your local area for all sorts of goodies (food and otherwise) and then endless experiments with those ingredients that somehow turn out to be uniquely you. Great display of things in your kitchen this month.

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  4. fergie51

    Such a lovely way to remind us of Selma’s incredible ability and charisma. That teapot is a gobs maker, love it! I wonder if that fresh easy smells as heavenly as I seem to remember. As always, your colours dazzle me.

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      1. fergie51

        Ha ha, thought you might appreciate this. I posted this on FB a couple of years ago, out does anything else but it’s voice conversion not receptive text. “had the funniest day. Be warned when you leave messages on phones that answer when you get that message to “leave a short message of up to 10 seconds and we will forward a text message to the account holder” etc. Our beloved JG very graciously rang a parent when the child’s tooth got broken to say “Hi its JG here from XXX, just ringing to let you know that XXX has chipped a bit off her tooth today”. Not quoted verbatim but obviously the conversion technology missed a bit in the translation, text received by parent was “blah, blah, just letting you know that the little shit has run away!” Absolute GOLD, haven’t laughed so much for years. We have now decided to not put detail into message, just say ring XXX!” We still giggle about it πŸ™‚

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  5. Kim Bultman

    Elaine, your tribute to Selma (in words and food!) was simply lovely, xo. Your teapot (gorgeous color), antique book blotter (with its inherent stories), and vibrant pottery are treasures, too. I hope they’ll continue to cheer and comfort you in the days to come. Hugs.

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  6. Anita Kushwaha

    Your kitchen has been wonderful! The photos of the food inspired by Selma’s recipes warmed my heart and wakened my stomach. Isn’t it lovely to receive little surprises in the mail? I do the same kind of thing with some of my book blogger friends and it’s always such fun! Another great thing about blogging. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Anita Kushwaha

        I know what you mean! I recently sent something off to a friend but haven’t told her. It’s been hard keeping the secret but it’ll be worth the surprise!

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