Pan cooked vegetables with a crunchy falafel crumb..


Having throughly enjoyed the oven baked falafels I made a little while ago, I think I have made a huge bowl of the falafel mixture nearly every week since, I’ve definitely replicated the flavours in other dishes, it’s just so good! That mix of cumin, coriander, garlic and lemon juice is a definite staple in my kitchen. Even better with my home roasted ground cumin (and this weekend I roasted coriander seeds too, very nice!). 


A couple of weeks ago I once again had a huge bowl of the wonderful chickpea mixture ready to become super tasty little rounds but I thought I’d use some of it a bit differently too..


I was using up vegetables so chopped up a courgette, some mushrooms and a peeled carrot and started to cook them in a pan on the hob/stove with some spray olive oil..


I then threw in some of the falafel mixture and cooked it through with the vegetables..


It added a lovely crunch as well as the flavours to the vegetables..


I also flung some of the mixture into my Nutribullet with some tahini and lemon juice and a splash of water to create a lovely dip, which, of course, found its way over the top of the vegetable dish. So many amazing flavours in one dish, I love it!!! 


Happy Monday everyone!! xx

24 thoughts on “Pan cooked vegetables with a crunchy falafel crumb..

  1. sallybr

    Very creative! Absolutely loved this…. I made a very simple sautee of zucchini tomatoes and basil last week, now I dream of re-making it with your falafel crust on top. Superb idea!

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