Roasted radishes, ras el hanout mushrooms, za’atar aubergines & tahini drizzle..


This evening I am sharing my super tasty lunch from earlier today! Not exactly a recipe, but hopefully an inspiration 🙂

I’ve never been a radishes fan but since Naina used them in her dish for me, and I’ve seen other people roasting them, I thought it was time to give them another go…and when I went to the market yesterday, there was a huge tray of fresh bountiful radishes…


…so I gave them a go. 

I just chopped the biggest ones in half and left the others whole and threw them all in a pan with some olive oil and salt and pepper and roasted them. They cooked quite quickly, and as they did, they became lighter pink.. 



At the same time I quartered some mushrooms, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled with ras el hanout spice mix and roasted them in another pan, then chopped some aubergines into wedges and drizzled them (again) with olive oil and then threw a load of za’atar over them and roasted them in yet another pan! I left all the pans in the oven to do their magic until they were all wonderfully roasted, then piled them into a bowl and drizzled with lovely tahini… 

What a lovely collection of flavours 🙂 the radishes were an interesting addition, they become very soft and their flavour really mellows. I’m glad I tried them, finally.  


I’m bringing my lunch to this week’s blog party supremo, Fiesta Friday,  co hosted this week by the lovely Juju and Amanda, do pop over and check out all the fab recipes. Enjoy!

Just to tickle your tastebuds, here was my lunch from yesterday, my favourite roasted marinated cauliflower dish.. 

Have a great weekend xxx

48 thoughts on “Roasted radishes, ras el hanout mushrooms, za’atar aubergines & tahini drizzle..

  1. Master of Something Yet

    I was just looking at some radishes in my fridge that came in the fruit and veggie box and wondering if I could roast them, it being a tad cold for salads these days. That’s two timely posts in a row, Elaine. How clever you are! 🙂

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