Black garlic studded bread rolls and labneh..

I’m so proud of these rolls and so excited to share them with you and bring them to this week’s Fiesta Friday..Angie’s blog party extraordinaire rolls on in its 57th week of fabulousness this week 😀..I hope everyone gets to try one!
I basically added chopped black garlic to my standard wholemeal bread dough, gently kneading it into the dough once the dough had proved to mix it through, shaped the rolls, let these prove again whilst the oven heated up, and baked as usual, and the outcome was a bread roll studded with bursts of the black garlic sweetness – almost like sweet bread with raisins or dried fruit. A big fat YUM! 

I tried these with my homemade labneh: labneh is a middle eastern cheese which is basically made by straining yoghurt, and that’s pretty much it! You can use any kind of yoghurt, I often use a 0% fat greek yoghurt so I create 0% fat cheese for myself, but I’ve also used whatever plain yoghurt I’ve had in the fridge.

You literally just spoon the yoghurt into muslin, add any flavourings you fancy, then hang it to strain overnight and by the next day it’s done! I, of course, tried this with black garlic too..

As I don’t have a cool frame to hang it on, I tie up the muslin and hang it over the handle of my jug to catch the juice – make sure to tuck in the rest of the muslin otherwise the liquid travels down the fabric and all over your fridge shelf, as I found out…! It worked really well with the black garlic cloves, just chop some into the yoghurt and let it do its work, when you come to use the labneh you will see that the cloves almost melt into the cheese and spread easily with it.

I made a selection of flavours including smoked paprika and za’atar..

I even added some goji berries to another portion and made a sweet cheese which was lovely!
The black garlic version went very well atop a roasted sweet potato for lunch..

I hope you’ve enjoyed my black garlic experiments this week, do check out what else I’ve done with it in previous posts this week on here and on Instagram, and don’t forget that you can still receive a 10% discount and free delivery in the UK from Balsajo Black Garlic until the end of tomorrow, 28th, by inputting ‘foodbod’ as a discount code. 

Have fun, happy partying and happy weekend xx

58 thoughts on “Black garlic studded bread rolls and labneh..

  1. Anonymous

    Elaine, I just told the weight loss group I’m coaching how to flavor labne, and here you are with your recipes! I’ve shared your post to Facebook to spread the fabulousness.

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  2. Frugal Hausfrau

    I love learning all about the black garlic and what a fantastic post this is…photos look AMAZING, too! 🙂

    It’s very interesting how the yogurt cheese (as we call it here) turned out with the black garlic! And those buns!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Sophie33

    A beautifully combined amazing recipe! I think this is the best black garlic recipe for so far,..;ooh yes! xI wish I could put my teeth into those yummy bans & with that home-made labneh on top: waw! xxxx

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  5. platedujour

    So now we’re talking! these rolls look so yummy, but this cheese!! OMG! I really need to get myself into the black garlic affair, as I love cheese with some nice additions to it. You know my mom makes white cheese- my parents have a cow, imagine fresh milk every day, my boyfriend- typical French- was so happy to have a hot chocolate every day and this fresh white cheese! Would you consider using plums- prunes- instead of black garlic??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

      You’ve reminded me of staying on a farm in France as a child and having fresh milk every day 🙂 amazing!
      And yes, I would indeed consider trying the cheese with fruit, I made one with goji berries which was lovely, the berries went into the yoghurt hard and dried as they are, and once the labneh had drained and was ready, the berries had hydrated and plumped up and it was lovely! Cheese and fruit, a perfect combination 🙂 xx

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