Black garlic and za’atar paste..

Black garlic cloves are so soft you can literally squeeze them between your fingers and it occurred to me that they would be perfect as a paste, you could literally spread it over toast! A plan therefore formed in my head to create a paste of black garlic and olive oil mixed with various spice mixes…my first stop being za’atar…

I tested this on aubergine slices, which was lovely, and I think it could be utilised on toasted bread, courgette slices, over chicken, all sorts! 

I cut aubergine slices about 1/2 – 1 cm thick, sprayed them with olive oil spray, grilled them under a medium heat on one side until nice and soft, then turned them over, spread them with the mixture, forked the surface of the aubergine, and grilled again until cooked. Due to the black garlic the paste might look like it was burnt, but it really wasn’t, just lovely and tasty.

I ate the aubergine slices with tahini sauce (tahini, lemon juice and water) and sprinkled with dried barberries and roasted pine nuts. YUM!!! 

I did the same with some creole spices on some more aubergine slices and again it worked well..

Lovely lovely stuff!!! 

Don’t forget you can try black garlic this week with 10% off and free delivery in the UK using my discount code ‘foodbod’. Enjoy! 

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