Look what my son made for me!!!

IMG_7171My lovely boy, Ben, (12 years old, soon to be 13 in 3 weeks time), has been doing food tech at school recently, and was tasked with bringing in his own recipe and cooking it at school on Friday.

The dishes they have made up until now have been packed full of sugar and flour and various things I would prefer not to eat, although I have of course been a good Mum and tried little bits; the things he has made has taught him all sorts of the same methods that I also learnt at school at his age so it’s all positive, but what he really wanted to do was cook a dish that I would like to eat. So I took into account what I had in the house and in the fridge and set him the task of making me a vegetable curry.

People often fear making Indian food because they think it will be complicated, or they feel it requires too many ingredients; I think you just need to be fully prepared, have all of your ingredients ready and follow the steps of the recipe until you feel confident enough to go it alone. This is the task that I set Ben; I provided everything he needed, I measured out all of the spices and made sure he had a clear recipe and method to follow.

IMG_7139I found him this recipe for Gobi Matar (cauliflower and pea curry), added a few extra steps for him (i.e. Step 1: chop up the cauliflower..) and replaced the tomatoes with tomato purée, and replaced the oil with coconut oil. The recipe is from a blog I had never visited before and proved to be a perfect level for him, thank you, Kanan.

IMG_7166He enjoyed making it so much that he texted me from school after the lesson full of excitement! His teacher thought it looked great and his dish was awarded second best in the class, the first place being given to a leek pie with gluten free pastry. He didn’t get time to fully cook the cauliflower so we put it on the hob, cooked it through and added the garam masala and coriander once it was ready.


IMG_7172I can absolutely honestly tell you that it tasted absolutely fabulous! He did such a brilliant job 🙂

I was so proud of my lovely boy, and he was so proud of himself. He now wants to cook it again and again for everyone we know! My budding chef in the making xx

Check back on Wednesday to see what the wonderful Sonal has created for this week’s ‘What would you feed me?‘ post.

53 thoughts on “Look what my son made for me!!!

  1. Sophie33

    This is great news & what a fab recipe & suggestion he id for you! 🙂 x
    I am so sorry not to help you with what would you feed me? I didn’t have any inspiration, maybe another time, my friend. xxx


      1. polianthus

        🙂 and so you should be! Congrats – it’s wonderful to see boys and girls taking joy in the creative process that is cooking! and you prepared everything so lovingly too well done!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. thevenerable1

    Please tell Ben your Aussie fan says “GOODONYERMATE !”, Elaine ! This is a lovely story, because I can’t help thinking that many mums would give their back teeth to have their teenage (almost) sons doing stuff like that. And he not only did it, but loved doing it ! – AND he wanted to do it for you !!!
    Not a lot better than that, eh, MSPF ???

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ginger

    You are clearly an inspirational mum! My own son comes after me, too, I’m afraid, embracing the sugar and butter for his food tech lessons … 😉 It’s great to see them being creative in the kitchen!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kellie anderson

    What a lovely idea of the teacher to let them do their own recipe. That takes some guts! Anyway, it as sounds like you have a mini-me in the making. You could perhaps offer him a regular cheffing spot. Give yourself a chance to it your feet up. 😉 I hope he keeps up his interest in good homemade food. He has a great teacher. At home.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sally

    Seeing my girls cook and watching my daughter leave for University and relish making good, fresh healthy food instead of the usual student fare is the thing that brings a huge smile to my face so I totally get your pride and joy. Your hard work at setting a good example is coming home to roost. Bravo

    Liked by 1 person


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