Marvellous Mezze for Fiesta Friday! (Check out my NEW sweet potato flatbreads…yum!!)

IMG_4098.JPGThis is my idea of lunch!!! Every and any day of the week, this is the kind of meal you’ll find on my table…I make old and new dips, I experiment daily, and enjoy it all DAILY! And on this occasion, I experimented with sweet potato flatbreads and LOVED them!! They worked so well!!

IMG_4101.JPGMy table included roasted chopped carrots, red onion and garlic, roasted in lots of olive oil for about an hour until it all caramelised; roasted chopped butternut squash in my Moroccan spices and left to cool before adding it to salad leaves and topping with tahini sauce; lots of little bowls filled with unadulterated homous, roasted shallot homous, roasted red pepper homous, roasted shallot & aubergine dip, roasted tomato & garlic homous, and a new dip I had whizzed up with sun dried tomato, cashews, pine nuts, coriander and tahini.

IMG_4092.JPGPlus….my new experiment on the day….sweet potato flatbreads….yum, yum, yum!!!


This is what I did, I mixed together:

Sweet potato, roasted, peeled and mashed
Gluten free flour (can be any flour)
Chopped coriander

I mixed enough flour into the sweet potato mix until the consistency was dough like

I rolled this into balls and pressed them flat into rounds onto baking paper

These were baked on silicone baking paper for 10-15 mins at 200C

I then turned them out onto a rack sitting on a baking tray and cooked under a medium grill until the top started to brown and cook then turned them over to do the other side

They may balloon up as they cook and then flatten down again when they cool

Best eaten freshly cooked and warm


IMG_4103.JPGI hope this week’s Fiesta Friday party goers enjoy my feast and have a try of the flatbreads! I am very happy to be co hosting again this week with the wonderful Selma and look forward to welcoming lots of you to the party and if any of you ever fancy co hosting, it’s lots of fun, just let Angie know…

Now, it’s time for me to get out there and start checking out your dishes…fork in hand, here I come…


73 thoughts on “Marvellous Mezze for Fiesta Friday! (Check out my NEW sweet potato flatbreads…yum!!)

  1. Selma's Table

    Your flat breads look amazing Elaine – you are so creative with your ingredient combinations! And I love the photo of all those amazing dips of yours looking very exotic on that pretty fabric! There won’t be much left of this once the ravenous FF crowd get going!! Happy Fiesta Friday!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. petra08

    The flatbreads looks delicious! I have been thinking of mezze for a while and will make sure to make these next time I am making it, delicious spice mix and gorgeous pics 🙂


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  5. chef mimi

    THAT ALL looks so so good! I used to make pumpkin rolls for sandwiches when I catered in the fall. It makes the rolls so tender, so I can just imagine how good these flatbreads are!


  6. chefjulianna

    Oh wow, Elaine! Can I please come to your house for lunch? Please? This just looks so amazing, especially the flatbreads! I am bookmarking because I’m sure that there will be a line-up outside your door for lunch for a long time! 😀


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  9. Sandhya

    I love the mezze table and am definitely going to make the flatbreads, Thank you for posting these wonderful ideas!


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