How I got my son to eat spinach!!!

IMG_4061.JPGI didn’t plan this! I didn’t suddenly think I needed to write a series of ways to get vegetables into husbands and children, it has just occurred in my kitchen this week…hence the less than fabulous photos of these beauties! If I’d planned it I would have allowed more time to get some better shots but this is all I could grab before they were eaten.

So yesterday, I made Dimple’s spinach theplas, I’ve wanted to make these for a while now and I had a bag of spinach to be used up in the fridge, so, hey presto: green flatbreads!

These are packed with spices and flavour and a great addition to our mezze last night. We had a table packed with five different dips, homemade garlic mayo, roasted cauliflower and potatoes, and marinated chicken for the boys, so a real mix of cuisines and flavours. Again…apologies for the rubbish photo…

Ben took one look and asked what the breads were and I refused to answer until he’d tried one. He tried it and liked it and then I told him, and happily, he continued to eat it, quite amazed that spinach could taste so nice!

Yay! Big up Dimple, a winner!!!

IMG_4065.JPGThis was my plate, a selection of my dips with one of the theplas – LOVELY!!!!

31 thoughts on “How I got my son to eat spinach!!!

  1. wsmarble

    So….they’re NOT chocolate chip cookies that happen to feature some spinach?

    Well done anyway–they look wholesome and delicious!


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