My cooking quinoa post..

As a result of posting about quinoa in a few places this week there has been some further feedback on my way of cooking it, and I’m pleased to say it’s all been positive, so I thought I’d share it again in case new readers find it of interest.

Let me summarise: I don’t cook quinoa as it says on the packet as I don’t think it’s the best way or creates the tastiest outcome, so this post explains my method.

This was a recent comment from Malar on my blog…

20140722-160656-58016949.jpgAnd on my Facebook page..

20140722-160712-58032493.jpgThere’s also been some more positive feedback on Facebook and Instagram so I hope you’ll find it of interest 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week…I still don’t have an oven or hob/stove or kitchen hence why I’ve been a bit quiet!!!

27 thoughts on “My cooking quinoa post..

  1. Claudia ~ Food with a View

    I have read some other quinoa posts of you before, and like I commented there already: so great that you share your method with us! I really like the taste of quinoa, but cooking it alsways ended up a mash. Not any more since I know your method :-).


      1. Elaine @ foodbod Post author

        I know! I have thanked the gods that it’s been mostly dry for the past two weeks as on top of the hell in my house and my lack of kitchen I’ve also had my brother in law’s Labrador to stay for 10 days! All at the wrong time!!


  2. kellie anderson

    I’ve agreed with you before on this issue. Several times a week I am chatting to people (in classes and with individuals) about this potentially mushy subject. I go for 8 minutes and lid on steaming a further five, but those instructions for 20 minutes? Who thought of that? Fine if you want quinoa porridge, I suppose.



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